Nova Annual #1: Review

Mar 2015
Gerry Duggan, David Baldeon

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The Adventures of Doc & Sammy

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4 stars

Nova Annual #1 Review by (May 4, 2022)

Review: Enjoyable and amusing adventure with the brash and boyish Sam playing well off of the weary and sardonic Doc Green. It all clicks and serves as a lead-in to the Black Vortex event.

Comments: Hulk damaged Nova’s helmet in NOVA (2013) #23. Cosmo was introduced in NOVA (2007) #8. Guardians of the Galaxy cameos: Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Gamora, Captain Marvel, Venom (Flash Thompson). X-Men cameos: Storm, Beast, Shadowcat, Lockheed, X-23, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman. Second story: Title is a pun on Leggo my Eggo, slogan for the frozen waffle product known as Eggo.


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Nova Annual #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara

Since his helmet was damaged by Hulk, Nova Sam Alexander has been searching for someone who can fix it; several options have failed so he visits the Baxter Building to see Reed Richards. He walks in and the first person he sees is Hulk, in his guise as Doc Green, and he panics and blasts Hulk. Unharmed, Doc Green offers an apology as he was under the power of magicians in Genosha. Doc examines the helmet (after Sam puts a paper bag over his head to hide his secret identity) and discovers that the damaged components include several non-Earth metals; Sam knows a place where he can find replacement parts. With great difficulty Sam persuades Doc to accompany him into space in a borrowed spaceship, despite the record of bad things happening to Hulk in space. They launch….

Light years from Earth, the helmet starts emitting a garbled call for help. They land on a planet which has a Nova bunker but Hulk determines the parts they need are not there. Sam uses the helmet to show them the way to a fallen Black Nova and a star map lights up. They travel to Xandar, the devastated home of the Nova Corps. They encounter Zarish Didisqui and his family, scavenging for artefacts to fund their way off the planet. Sam shows him the Black helmet and learns that the local warlord Gron is looking for one; Sam offers to give them the spaceship if Didisqui will take him to Gron (Hulk does not approve of Sam giving away his spaceship). Gron, a Dakkamite,  has enslaved the planet’s refugees, forcing them to dig for treasure for him. Nova and Hulk confront him, Hulk takes away the Black Nova helmet Gron wears on a chain and punches him into the sky. The helmet has the parts they need to fix Sam’s and Hulk puts it together and Sam has all of his powers back. Since Didisqui and family have already blasted off in Hulk’s ship, Nova flies Doc Green to Knowhere (and Hulk enjoys the unfamiliar experience of flying though space. They visit Nova’s pal Cosmo who has a teleporter that can return them to Earth. Sam has arranged for Doc Green to land in an active volcano in retribution for hitting him all those months ago. Nova then takes off into space and is finally able to hear the full distress call, which is from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He travels to the Haunted Moon and finds the Guardians and the X-Men waiting for him….


“Leggo My Nova”
Writer: Anthony Holden. Art: Anthony Holden. Colors: Jordie Bellaire.
Synopsis: Sam can’t find his Nova helmet; he discovers his Mom is using it as a mixing bowl. The next day his kid sister has made it into Barbie’s Dream Igloo. The following day, a stray dog finds it in the trash, crawls inside it and is transformed into Nova, flying across space and meeting Rocket Raccoon and Gamora who aren’t sure about the change in Sam. 

David Baldeon
Terry Pallot
David Curiel
Orphans Cheeps (Cover Penciler)
Orphans Cheeps (Cover Inker)
Orphans Cheeps (Cover Colorist)


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