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Original Sin 3.n - Hulk vs Iron Man #3: Review

Jul 2014
Mark Waid, Mark Bagley

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Hulk vs Iron Man part 3

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4 stars

Original Sin 3.n - Hulk vs Iron Man #3 Review by (August 3, 2014)
The time-sharing between writer/artist teams continues, and so we're back with #3.1's gang. #3.1 began with a fight between intelligent Hulk and Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armour, and everything since then has been a flashback (containing more flashbacks). Presumably we still haven't got there yet, and next issue Stark will get the Hulkbuster armour from the armoury. Tony's early invention of a cellphone is an example of the ongoing rewriting of history that always has the modern Marvel era starting in the past couple of decades.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Original Sin 3.n - Hulk vs Iron Man #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The incident with the Watcher's Eye in Original Sin #3 made Bruce Banner and Tony Stark share each others memories of the time when Banner tested the Gamma Bomb and became the Hulk. These memories indicated that Stark tampered with the bomb, and hence was responsible for the Hulk. Last issue Bruce tricked Arno (Tony's brother, but Bruce doesn't know it) into allowing him to change the Extremis in his system, resulting in a Hulk with Banner's mind and intelligence.

Now that Hulk confronts Arno and demands to know where Tony is. When Arno stalls, Hulk tells him to leave because he's going to destroy Tony's Malibu mansion (which is where they are) in order to attract his attention.

Afterwards he finds Arno trying to contact Tony. But Bruce came prepared, and when he shook hands with Arno last issue he loaded a virus into his life-preserving armour that jams comms and will now send its victim to sleep.

Tony's driving his car through a desert when his security system alerts him to the damage, and 1 of his orbital satellites shows him Hulk standing in the ruins. Now he knows Bruce knows.

Stark spent last issue trying to find evidence that he didn't mess with the bomb (his memories of the time are unreliable due to alcohol). Everything seems to point to his guilt, but he still hopes it's a mistake. Now he gets the car to encase him in the Iron Man armour, and then flies off leaving it to crash.

Iron Man flies to Stark's futuristic city Troy to retrieve a crude cellphone he had invented back in the old days. He used to use its camera then to automatically record his activities so he could find out what he'd done while drunk. He hopes it will show where he went and what he did after the meeting in a motel with Banner he investigated last issue. But it does show him going to the Gamma Base and fiddling with the bomb.

Stark has been expecting that Hulk is too stupid to track him to Troy. But intelligent Hulk comes straight here, and they start to fight.

What Bruce doesn't know is that Troy has built-in defences (upgraded since the attack of the Mandarin Ringbearers). All its inhabitants are immediately encased in egg-shaped forcefields which float them to safety. And Tony can turn the buildings into weapons.

2 buildings fire huge ray cannons at Hulk. Another transforms into a giant metal fist to smash him to the ground. Hulk pretends to give in (and be still child-like). But it's just to sucker Iron Man in for close fighting. His diction now makes Tony realise he's facing a clever Hulk.

After a minefield drops some more buildings on Hulk, damaged Iron Man escapes through underground utility tunnels. He staggers his way towards the armoury where he can get a replacement suit. He's also stuck watching a looped replay of what he did to the Gamma Bonb. And he sees that he did something worse(!) that he didn't previously remember.

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Mark Bagley
Andrew Hennessy
Jason Keith
J. G. Jones (Cover Penciler)
J. G. Jones (Cover Inker)
J. G. Jones (Cover Colorist)
Plot: . Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


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