Prime Vs. The Incredible Hulk #0: Review

Jul 1995
Gerard Jones, John Statema

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Monsters Of Manhattan

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3 stars

Prime Vs. The Incredible Hulk #0 Review by (March 3, 2010)
The end of Ultraforce/Avengers #1 doesn't actually show Kevin Green left on Marvel Earth. Indeed it shows Prime back in the Ultraverse. However Prime #infinity reveals that this is a Prime body without Kevin inside it. This issue takes place during Peter David's post-Pantheon period where, starting from Hulk #425, the intelligent Hulk becomes the savage Bruce Banner when he gets too angry.


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Prime Vs. The Incredible Hulk #0 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Kevin Green, Prime from Malibu's Ultraverse, is stranded in Marvel's universe due to the end of Ultraforce/Avengers #1. He has come to New York to seek help from the Avengers.

Teenage Kevin becomes Prime by generating the super-powered Prime body from within his own as an outer shell. When he stops being Prime he leaves the body behind to disintegrate.

Professor Eugene Wildeman has been using teen runaways in his gamma-ray experiments. Prime fights one of his mutated teens. He then stops Wildeman from abducting a girl, but the intelligent Hulk interferes thinking Prime is assaulting the respected Professor.

Eventually Prime and Hulk team up when Wildeman boasts of what he is doing, and transforms into his own giant green form.

After turning Wildeman over to the police, Kevin runs off leaving Hulk holding a collapsing Prime body. This issue leads immediately into Prime #infinity, where Prime meets Spider-Man and the Lizard, and gets back home to the Ultraverse. (Spider-Man has a 2-panel fly-by in this issue.)

This issue is built around the problems faced by teen runaways (beyond the ever-present danger of being kidnapped by mad scientists).

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John Statema
Mike DeCarlo
Kimberly Bitsui
Plot: . Letterer: Lorina Mapa.
Editor: Dan Danko.


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(Bruce Banner)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Eugene Wildeman, Prime.

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