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Savage She-Hulk, The #1: Review

Feb 1980
Stan Lee, John Buscema

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The She-Hulk Lives

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4 stars


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Savage She-Hulk, The #1 Synopsis by Peter Kowalchick
Bruce Banner is once again on the run and finds himself in Los Angeles, California, home to his younger cousin Jennifer Walters, a criminal attorney. He finds her at work and since he has not seen her in years, relates his story of becoming the Hulk. She is amazed, and pledges to help her cousin in any way she can. They get in her car and are observed and tracked by two hitmen working for mobster Nick Trask. Jennifer is defending another mobster named Monkton, who was framed by Trask.  The hitmen shoot Walters in the back when she emerges from the car with Banner. He grabs a garden hose (!) and sprays the gangster blinding him. It buys him time to escape with his injured cousin. Banner breaks into a local doctor’s office and gives his cousin a blood transfusion. They share the same blood type and she survives. Banner calls the police who take his cousin to the hospital and he in for questioning. He breaks out as the Hulk and later finds out via the newspaper that his cousin will survive her injuries. Relieved, Banner leaves town.

While recovering in the hospital, Jennifer Walters is attacked by the hitmen in the hospital. While attempting to suffocate her, she turns into the She-Hulk for the first time. The gangsters describe her as a “she-hulk” and she vows to adopt the name. After a brief chase, She-Hulk disables the gangster’s car by throwing a light pole at it. She-Hulk get the hitmen to confess in front of police and slips back into the hospital and bed as Jennifer Walters. She realizes the blood transfusion has changed her and she vows to do as She-Hulk what she can not as Jennifer Walters.

John Buscema
Chic Stone
John Buscema (Cover Penciler)


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