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Sensational She-Hulk In Ceremony, The #2: Review

Feb 1989
Dwayne McDuffie, June Brigman

Sensational She-Hulk In Ceremony, The #2 cover

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Ceremony Part 2

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3 stars

Sensational She-Hulk In Ceremony, The #2 Review by (March 10, 2010)
Michael Souris, vice-president of Carlton Industries, had his soul taken by Carlton Beatrice in #1. He also appears as vice-president of Carlton Co in the second Damage Control limited series Dec 1989 - Feb 1990, also written by Dwayne McDuffie as part of Acts of Vengeance. If my positioning of this She-Hulk mini-series is correct, as described for the 1st issue, then this mini-series precedes Acts of Vengeance. Michael Souris could have been returned to life at the end of this 2nd issue, along with the other souls.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Sensational She-Hulk In Ceremony, The #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In issue 1 She-Hulk and Wyatt Wingfoot got engaged. But they have to protect a Keewazi basket from Carlton Beatrice, head of Carlton Industries, who wants it as the last totem he needs to fulfil a prophecy.

Carlton Industries owns the factory where the Keewazi Indians work. Carlton has stolen their souls and uses their zombiefied bodies to bring Jen, Wyatt and Wyatt's sister Rain Falling West to him. She-Hulk can resist him, and Rain is presumably following in her grandmother's shaman footsteps. But Wyatt doesn't believe in magic, allowing Carlton to steal his soul.

Carlton has the Keewazi souls in a jar. Jen empties the jar into the basket, freeing the souls to return (as butterflies) to their bodies. But Carlton still has Wyatt's soul, and threatens to eat it, killing Wyatt. Jen gives him the basket in return for Wyatt's soul.

Wyatt disappears with his grandmother Roberta Elk Step to learn shaman magic.

Carlton Industries has won the legal right to mine the Keewazi Reservation. She-Hulk tries to stop the Keeeazi being thrown off their land. The government sends the army and specialised robots to fight She-Hulk. Carlton has convinced them that she has become as dangerous as the Hulk. They capture She-Hulk and Carlton Industries takes the Reservation.

Wyatt and Roberta return, presumably from a place where time runs very differently. Wyatt has long hair and is a shaman. She-Hulk escapes from the army.

Carlton has zombiefied the Keewazi again, and uses them as a human shield around the Reservation. But Wyatt's new power gets him and She-Hulk through the wall. Carlton sends two demons like last issue's Anung-Ite to stop them. She-Hulk takes them on, leaving Wyatt to tackle Carlton.

Carlton uses the gathered totems in a ritual to become Husband to the World, which allows him to steal the souls of the whole world. He intends to eat all the souls, giving him supreme power.

Wyatt intercepts the beam of power from the basket to Carlton. But as a male shaman alone he won't be strong enough to hold the power. She-Hulk joins him, and together they send all the souls back home. Carlton disintegrates (but with a typical horror film ending paving the way for his return in a sequel, when his soul flutters off unnoticed as a black butterfly).

Wyatt and Jen realise their engagement was (at least mostly) a side-effect of the basket bringing them together. They decide to part. But Jen will use her legal talents to help get their Reservation back.

Sensational She-Hulk In Ceremony, The #2 cover

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June Brigman
Stan Drake
Paul Mounts
June Brigman (Cover Penciler)
Plot: . Letterer: Ken Bruzenak.
Editor: Bobbie Chase.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.


(Jennifer Walters)

Plus: Anung-Ite, Carlton Beatrice, Michael Souris, Rain Falling West, Roberta Elk Step, Wyatt Wingfoot.

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