Sif #1: Review

Jun 2010
Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ryan Stegman

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I am the Lady Sif

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4 stars

Sif #1 Review by (April 7, 2014)
Review: Enjoyable epic focusing on Thor’s ladyfriend who battles her fears, anger, and jealousy to overcome the trauma of having been used by Loki. (This theme didn’t come across very clearly in my synopsis above, so I’m spelling it out down here.) Anyway, the story is pretty cool if not inspired and the art is very effective. I’m glad they followed this up with Sif’s solo series in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY

Comments: One-shot title. Ti Asha Ra is the last surviving female Korbinite, created for Beta Ray Bill by a grateful Galactus in BETA RAY BILL: GODHUNTER. Sif’s manipulation by Loki was shown in THOR (2007) #5, 10 and concluded in #602 (and no, it didn’t play out over several hundred issues, they renumbered the series from #12 to #600 to celebrate the milestone).


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Sif #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Lady Sif, living the life of a regular human in Broxton, Oklahoma, is taking a bath when she hears a stealthy noise from the next room. Fearing another attack by Loki, who had previously imprisoned her mind and possessed her body, she creeps to the door, flings it open—and terrifies her landlady. Later at the bar, while she is putting the beat-down on a dude who tried to pick her up, Beta Ray Bill enters, calling on Thor to come to his aid. Sif is introduced to Bill’s girlfriend Ti Asha Ra, and the alien hero outlines the problem: his sentient ship Skuttlebutt has been infected by bio-mechanical virus and the ship was able to jettison its two passengers for their safety and now the ship won’t let them back in, so Bill needs Thor. Sif volunteers in his place….

Sif enters Skuttlebutt (by ripping through a door) and faces the aliens whose only goal is to assimilate all life in the universe. Sif then fights her way through various opponents and faces the final one. It infects her with a barrage of spores which cause the lady warrior to be overwhelmed by doubts and fears. Picturing the enemy as Loki she is able to rally and kill him then slice into the growths that occupy Skuttlebutt’s insides….

Sif awakens in the sick bay, with a concerned Beta Ray Bill and Ti Asha Ra by her side. She wishes them well and departs with pride in a job well done….

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Ryan Stegman
Victor Olazaba
Juan Doe
Travel Foreman (Cover Penciler)
Travel Foreman (Cover Inker)
June Chung (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Skuttlebutt, Ti Asha Ra.

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