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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #2: Review

Jul 2007
Matt Cherniss, Philippe Briones

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Revolution: Chapter 2

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4 stars

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #2 Review by (February 14, 2015)
This issue starts on Day -6 and next issue claims to start on Day -5. The Bentonville scene is at night, and Namor arrives at the Xavier school in daylight. Norman Osborn is now running the Thunderbolts for the US Government, tracking down unregistered heroes. Despite the changes I have proposed to the Marvel Continuity Project, mentioned last time, he and Venom are here in a gap within the Thunderbolts: Breaking Point 1-shot as they are in the existing MCP scheme. That's because I've shuffled all the Thunderbolts' own issues (plus this series) back in time to maintain their sequence, leaving only some other guest appearances behind. My object being to get the TBolts side-series Penance: Relentless before Mighty Avengers #1-11. And Relentless follows on from this series. More explanation later. This Venom is Mac Gargan (ex-Scorpion). He accepted the Symbiote in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #9. He'll keep it though Dark Reign, but after Siege the Government will remove the Symbiote (Amazing SM #648) and give it to Flash Thompson (ASM#654). Wolverine is as usual a busy lad in between the Fallen Son mini-series and the Mighty/New Avengers tangle of issues beginning with MAv#1. But he's also in both this series and Relentless, which I have now plonked down in the middle. Specifically just before the X-Men: Endangered Species 1-shot. (The whole subsequent ES sequence concludes before MAv#1.)


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The current action continues as Tony Stark gets the results of an autopsy on the skeleton found on the throne of ruined Atlantis. DNA suggests that it is Prince Namor.

The rest of the issue is a flashback to 6 days ago. Iron Man and the SHIELD undersea fleet have arrived to blockade Atlantis. Sub-Mariner contacts Stark and asks to be allowed to go to the surface to track down the Atlanteans who blew up Bentonville, Kansas. IM says the US military suspect that he ordered the atrocity himself, so no can do.

Namor leaves Argos in charge of the Atlantean army with orders not to attack unless SHIELD fires 1st - but then to annihilate them. Then he leaves Atlantis to barrel through the blockade. Iron Man comes out to stop him and they clash. But Subby throws 1 SHIELD sub at another. While the Golden Avenger stops the collision, the Avenging Son slips away.

When Stark reports back to the military, his contact General tells him to stay there. They'll sic someone else on Sub-Mariner. The General contacts Norman Osborn, who's running Thunderbolts these days. Osborn loans him the current Venom.

In Seattle a workman comes across the 3-man Atlantean terrorist group in the sewers. They murder him for his pains. We glimpse the Wolverine-like claws attached to their leader's hand, which presumably slashed the 'gills' in the neck of the dead body found near Bentonville last issue.

In their base 1 of them named Arath shows his impatience. But the leader says their next attack must coincide with events in Atlantis.

Namor himself lands in Bentonville. Searching through the rubble he finds a piece of Atlantean jewellery. Then he's attacked by soldiers guarding the place, but he shrugs off their bullets.

Next we see of him he's landing at the Xavier school for mutants looking for Prof X's help. But Wolverine bars the way.

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Philippe Briones
Philippe Briones
Paul Mounts
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Penciler)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Inker)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Atlanteans.

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