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The Mighty Thor #15: Review

Jun 2012
Matt Fraction, Pepe Larraz

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3 stars

The Mighty Thor #15 Review by (July 17, 2013)
Review: Thor’s worst nightmare is the anger of his father, no psychological nuance, just bashing and property damage. Jeff’s idea of a hero is a mock-Frazetta painting from an album cover. Enchantress’ dream man looks like Swamp Thing—but a sexy Swamp Thing. Hmmm, we’re learning a lot about these people aren’t we? Almost as much as we’re learning about Matt Fraction, namely that he’s tired of the book and openly mocking it—or the reader. No matter, this lame story arc is easier to take if seen as a parody.

Comments: Part three of five. First (full) appearance of The Keep.


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The Mighty Thor #15 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Teen runaway Jeff Fischer discovers that Broxton is deserted…the Enchantress raises Don Blake’s severed head so he can more easily observe the ichor from his corpse forming itself into a whole new being…Thor and Hreidmar the dwarf stand in horror as Giant Zombie Odin is unleashed from his dreams. Living son battles dead father and the dream world is shaken….

Jeff wanders into the local diner and discovers a Mare. Fleeing in panic he is pursued by a pack of the creatures and finds refuge in a parked car. The Mare swarm over the vehicle. Safe inside, Jeff goes to sleep….

Enchantress explains to Don’s head that she has kept her promise: she has made Don into a god. She and her creation go into a romantic clinch….

The sleeping Jeff finds himself in the nightmare world; he barely escapes being crushed in the battle between Thor and Odin. Hreidmar explains that they are all in a shared dream created by the Mare. The Dire Monks of Gunderheim create a magic circle and set up a chant to summon a dream hero to save them. Jeff is pressed into service to join in the ceremony while Thor returns to the fray. In the battle the ceiling collapses, burying father and son alike. Was a hero summoned? Jeff reveals that when asked about a hero his mind naturally drifted to the character he and his pal Cyrus dreamed up for their rock band. Then rising from the rubble, Thor stands revealed as having been possessed by Jeff’s heavy metal "god," the Deconsecrator….

Pepe Larraz
Pepe Larraz
Frank D'Armata
Paul Mounts (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: The Keep, The Mare.

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