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The Order #4: Review

Oct 2007
Matt Fraction, Barry Kitson

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4: Magdalena --or-- Nine doves

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4 stars

The Order #4 Review by (September 15, 2015)
I can't figure out an exact significance for the 'nine doves' in the title, except .... Magdalena says she found that acting the diva resulted in her getting paid more money - more for the charity. But she only *pretended* to think she was a princess. And there's a Greek fairy tale about a princess and 9 doves. Carl Crenshaw bows out of Marvel history now that James Wa's issues are resolved.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The Order #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue's interview flashback is with Magdalena Marie Neuntauben, although she abandoned the surname early in her career. Pepper Potts did the interview again. Maggie did a report on Korea in Elementary School and gained a lifelong interest in martial arts and orphans. Later her looks took her from tae kwon do championships to modelling and acting, and then to action movies where she could do her own stunts. She funnels the big bucks she makes into a charity that creates orphanages, and teaches the kids martial arts. The continuation of the interview at the end of the issue reveals that Maggie can't have children of her own because of a childhood illness.

Now in Century City she and Heavy are fighting zobos. Armoured Heavy just hits them, while Veda sends her army of golems against them. Heavy thinks there are a lot more than there were last issue in Rodeo Drive. Supernaut in Culver City says there are exactly twice as many there as in last issue's incident. Anthem confirms that's what he and Aralune are seeing outside their Bradbury Building HQ. Veda sees through all her golems' eyes to get the same count of 150 bodies.

The teams are struggling to 'kill' that many of the cyborged dead. But SHIELD arrive to help. And then it's all over bar the cleanup. Henry Hellrung lets the visiting LA councilors out of the secure basement. But the surrounding mess makes them even more adamant that the team must vacate the historic Bradbury Building by the end of the week (despite the fact that Tony Stark owns it).

Meanwhile in the morgue Mullholland Black has been investigating the body of ex team member Avona (fired in #1). She uses the removed heart as a psychic link and talk's to Avona's 'ghost'.

Pepper Potts holds a senior staff meeting with field leader Hellrung (Anthem), tactician Dennis Murray (Heavy) and PR person Kate Kildare. Dennis thinks the zobo attacks are probes designed to test the Order's capabilities. Pepper is worried about Calamity (James Wa) going off-grid on the 'day off' Henry gave him last issue - Dennis says Milo Fields (Supernaut) has an idea about that. Hellrung reports the eviction threat. Kate says she's managed to suppress Becky Ryan (Aralune)'s teenage sex tape for now - but it's bound to surface some time. Holly pops in to inform them that Avona says she was killed by 1 of the other team members who were fired in #1.

The Man From SHADOW (see #1) locates 1 of those ex-members Jamal Peoples (Maul) in a bar and hires him - offering him revenge against the Order.

Tony Stark contacts Hellrung to check up on what's happening. Henry asks him how he runs the Avengers. Stark says he just points them in the right direction and prays.

A SHIELD examination of the zobos, mostly inanimate but at least 1 still 'alive', confirms that they were actually dead but their cybernetic enhancements were running them, with orders received by cellular radio. Identification of some of the bodies has also confirmed that they were homeless. The source of transmissions has been traced to an area which includes the Mercy Mission on Skid Row.

The outbreaks this issue and last occurred at the same time of day, so they expect some hours before the next 1. Anthem takes time out to track down Calamity to the trailer park where Carl Crenshaw lives. (Presumably talking with Milo and examining computer records revealed that James had searched the Stark database for the whereabouts of the man who had crippled him.) Henry expects the worst, but finds the 2 men playing computer games. He asks Wa to return to the team because they need him.

Later Anthem and Veda approach the Mission. They find it deserted but full of operating tables. Speedster Calamity confirms there's no-one about. Hellrung calls in SHIELD again. But he also finds evidence of the involvement of the Man from SHADOW (which only appears to be his shades!). Magdalena buys the Mission so she can return it to being a proper homeless shelter.

Barry Kitson
Mark Morales
Dean White
Barry Kitson (Cover Penciler)
Barry Kitson (Cover Inker)
Barry Kitson (Cover Colorist)


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