Thor Annual #1: Review

Jul 2021
Aaron Kuder, Aaron Kuder

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Infinite Destinies

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4 stars

Thor Annual #1 Review by (July 21, 2021)

Review: Odd. Not sure how this fits into the Infinite Destines crossover series. Did Valg have one of the infinity Stones? Did I miss it? Anyway, Valg seems like a promising villain for future adventures and Hawkeye supplies a lot of comedy. And I’m not sure what’s going on in the Nick Fury tale but it looks cool with the shifting panel layout and the red, white, and blue color scheme.  

Comments: Fifth annual in this year’s crossover featuring the Infinity Stones (after AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2). First story: Lady Featherwine was introduced in THOR ANNUAL 2015 and appeared in THOR (2016 series) and WAR OF THE REALMS. First appearance of Valg. Also appearing: Balder, Volstagg, Warriors Three, ThoriThe second story turns out to be a tie-in to HEROES REBORN, Marvel’s previous mini-event. Cam Smith and Aaron Kuder provided the inking.



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Thor Annual #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Light Elves of Alfheim are holding a celebration, marking the victory in the War of the Realms. Thor and a group of representatives from Asgard arrive for the festivities; Hawkeye is there standing in for Earth, as Spider-Man (and many many others) was busy. Everdrop, Guardian of the Qaoyak Tree (a health-giving seedling from Yggdrasil) whose mind was captured by a villain, presents Thor with gifts—that put everyone to sleep but encase Thor’s head in goo. In his mind, the God of Thunder is fighting Loki and his minions, then a larger version of Mangog than he has ever seen. The villain reveals himself to be Valg from a people that literally feed off of chaos in another dimension. Thor will be the gateway to the Ten Realms as Valg manipulates Thor’s timeline to make him a warrior of evil called Thor Bor-Kin, God of Blood and Thunder, whose path of destruction will provide infinite food for Valg’s people. Hawkeye fires an arrow that tears the goo from Thor’s head, restoring his mind. Valg has Thor Bor-Kin fight Thor. In the scrap, Thor tells Bor-Kin that they can send him back to his own reality with the knowledge that Valg has made him what he is but that he now has the option to reform; so it goes. The League of Realms heroes arrive and Valg, seeing that matters have spun out of his control, teleports away. Hawkeye is introduced to cat wrestling.

“Infinite Fury Part V [a/k/a Super-Spy Versus Super-Spy]”
Writer: Jed MacKay. Art: Juan Ferreyra.
Synopsis: Nick Fury Jr. is trapped in a massive hallucination, fighting Hydra agents on the Statue of Liberty, while being taunted over his failures. He then falls into a sea where he is attacked by a huge shark. The voice tells him of a safe America that was taken away from them and Fury is rescued by Nighthawk, offering help in taking their world back….


Aaron Kuder
Chris O'Halloran
Aaron Kuder (Cover Penciler)
Aaron Kuder (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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(Clint Barton)


Plus: Nighthawk (of SSOA).

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