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Web Of Spider-Man #7: Review

Oct 1985
Peter David, Sal Buscema

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Welcome To My Nightmare

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4 stars

Web Of Spider-Man #7 Review by (February 15, 2010)
This is the first Hulk story by Peter David. This issue continues from TIH #299. David has always recognized Bill Mantlo's work on the Hulk and this issue demonstrates that David followed Mantlo's very closely.


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Web Of Spider-Man #7 Synopsis by Miguel Colomo
Hulk shows up in Peter Parker's nightmare. Parker hears someone calling him. It's Nightmare. Nightmare caused Bruce Banner to turn into a savage (Mindless) Hulk. The villain's plan was to use the Hulk against his enemy Doctor Strange. But Bruce Banner discovered Nightmare's plan, and fought back (The Incredible Hulk #299). Now, Nightmare looks for Peter Parker for help (due to his sense of responsibility). Hulk and Spiderman fight in the nightmare's realm and they reach the madness realm (according to Spidey, it's where Stephen King gets his ideas from). Spidey manages to push the Hulk to the madness realm, where he could be locked. But Hulk grabs Nightmare, and both fall in. Peter wakes up surrounded by neighbords and the police. The landlord heard Peter screaming non-stop, got nervous, and called the cops. Peter does not remember anything from the dream.

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Sal Buscema
Armando Gil


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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