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Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1: Review

Feb 2014
Rick Remender, Roland Boschi

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Winter Soldier: the Bitter March, Part 1

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4 stars

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1 Review by (February 22, 2014)
Review: Cool spy story benefits from the knowledge of what is going to happen to two of the main characters in the future: good guy Ran Shen becomes the bad guy Iron Nail and bad guy Winter Soldier becomes Bucky Cap! Even aside from that this is an entertaining tale, full of suspense, intrigue, and humor. Ran Shen playing James Bond, and failing, is the best part. Or maybe it’s the sudden frightening appearance of the Winter Soldier. It sure isn’t Madam Worm regurgitating all sorts of wormy things. Blech.

Comments: Ran Shen has already been introduced in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2012) #12 as the villainous Iron Nail a few decades hence; neat how they scheduled these two issues so closely together so that one can comment on the other. Cassandra previously appeared in SILVER SABLE #11-12 in 1993. It is the first appearance of Madam Worm, though.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

1966: ex-Nazis Peter and Mila Hitzig have successfully completed Arnim Zola’s long failed pet project known as the Alchemy Formula. Now the Hitzigs are prisoners of HYDRA; SHIELD Agents Nick Fury and Ran Shen are sent to rescue them. The two take out some guards as they approach HYDRA’s mountain stronghold. They make a bet over who will get in first: Fury plans to enter through the sewer pipes but Ran Shen has a better idea…

…he infiltrates the big cocktail party within where HYDRA leader Chancellor Cassandra announces that they have the Alchemy Formula, planning to destroy the world’s economy with an influx of new gold. Ran flirts with a gorgeous redhead and they sneak off to look around the castle and tour a classic villain lair section. They kiss (as he steals her pass card) and Ran finds she has passed parasites into his mouth—she’s Madam Worm and she captures men’s minds this way. Nick Fury arrives and blasts her with a flamethrower, knocking her down a missile silo. The Agents free the Hitzigs and take them up to the roof to evacuate. A figure leaps out, knocks down the agents, grabs the Hitzigs, and soars off the cliff on mechanical wings. The SHIELD men pursue with similar flying devices. Fury attacks the enemy agent forcing him to drop his prisoners; Ran seizes them and carries them to a barely non-fatal landing. Fury goes down and Ran realizes that their opponent is the legendary Soviet agent, the Winter Soldier….

Roland Boschi
Roland Boschi
Chris Chuckry
Andrew Robinson (Cover Penciler)
Andrew Robinson (Cover Inker)
Andrew Robinson (Cover Colorist)


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Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

(Bucky Barnes)

Plus: Arnim Zola, Cassandra, Madam Worm, Ran Shen.

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