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Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #5: Review

Jun 2014
Rick Remender, Roland Boschi

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Winter Soldier: the Bitter March, Part 5

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4.5 stars

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #5 Review by (July 13, 2014)
Review: Satisfying wrap-up to the epic which showed us the origin of the new Cap villain called the Iron Nail. Usually I complain about stories that have no hero, ending up as pathetic exercises in cynicism but this time it is appropriate, Ran Shen was broken in a way that only treason could fix. It humanizes the baddie in a way that didn’t always come through in his Captain America appearances. Plus, it isn’t often we get to see Nick Fury play the bad guy, even through ignorance but it fit in the dark tale perfectly. And then now Bucky got to do spectacular Bucky stuff which we don’t see that much of these days (his appearances in ALL-NEW INVADERS usually leave him overshadowed by Cap, Namor, and a guy who is on fire, for cryin’ out loud). Another miniseries like this in a few years would be welcome.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Nick Fury, left behind in issue #1, is on the trail of Ran Shen and Mila Hitzig to complete their mission….

Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier, whose encounter with the Drain restored much of his Bucky Barnes memory, has found refuge in a mountain cabin for Ran and Mila. While hunting for food, Bucky learns that teams of Soviet agents are approaching. Inside, Mila Hitzig is having second thoughts about taking her Alchemy Formula to the United States, as she doesn’t trust the Americans any more than the Russians or Hydra. Ran is also unsure—but at this moment Bucky enters with the news that Russian troops have surrounded the cabin. He manages to get them out but soon they are racing through the woods, the enemy in pursuit. Bucky takes many of them out then he unveils a plan: he will pretend to still be under Soviet control and take Mila aboard a Russian helicopter and so help her escape; Ran will be the bait to get their pursuers off their trail. Ran and Mila make plans to meet at a later date and part with a kiss. Ran takes on the enemy but is overpowered by superior numbers. As he is resigned to death, Nick Fury arrives and takes down the soldiers. Fury sees the copter leaving and the wounded Ran is unable to tell him that Mila will be safe; Fury shoots down the copter….

Back in the States, Ran is commended by his SHIELD superior for stopping the Winter Soldier from getting away with the formula. His next assignment will be to go undercover in Red China, pretending to be a defector from the USA….

Meanwhile, in Russia, Bucky Barnes is undergoing the brainwashing that will turn him back into the deadly Winter Soldier….

Roland Boschi
Roland Boschi
Chris Chuckry
Andrew Robinson (Cover Penciler)
Andrew Robinson (Cover Inker)
Andrew Robinson (Cover Colorist)


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