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Wolverine #144: Review

Nov 1999
Erik Larsen, Mike Miller

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First Cut!

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2 stars

Wolverine #144 Review by (February 15, 2010)
This story continues in Hulk Vol.3 #8. This Wolverine is really a Skull who took over Logan's role for a time.


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Wolverine #144 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
This is the story of how Wolverine got his first costume (from Jason Hudson and wife Heather AKA Guardian and Vindicator) and his first mission: to fight some terrorists. As Logan is fighting them, he is kidnapped by a spaceship commanded by the Leader; Hercules and Karkas a red skinned alien are also captives of the mad man. The Leader wants them to kill the Hulk. Logan frees himself and the two heroes, who defeat the Humanoids. Wolverine goes after the Leader, causing much trouble which sends the spaceship down. The three heroes survive the crash.

Back in Department H's HQ, Wolverine offers to capture the Hulk, story from the classic TIH #181.

Wolverine was telling this story to Dum Dum, both on board a SHIELD plane, right before Wolverine gives it another try to capture the Hulk who has been going amoc. As Logan jumps off the plane, the Hulk looks ready for battle.

Mike Miller
Vince Russell


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