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World War Hulks: Spider-Man Vs. Thor #1: Review

Jul 2010
Kieron Gillen, Jorge Molina

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4 stars

World War Hulks: Spider-Man Vs. Thor #1 Review by (June 25, 2018)

Review: The two stories here are very enjoyable, with a light touch and comic edge missing from the companion piece CAPTAIN AMERICA VS WOLVERINE. And the Thor/Spidey not only has comedy but flashbacks to the childhoods of the two heroes, explaining why this little fracas should be of such importance to them. I miss Kieron Gillen on Thor, I really do; better go reread the kid Loki tales in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY.  

Comments: First story: Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Odin and Loki appear in flashbacks; cameos by A-Bomb and Skaar in present. Second story: Jean Gray, Angel, and Beast in flashbacks.



Synopsis / Summary / Plot

World War Hulks: Spider-Man Vs. Thor #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Falling from the Intelligencia's helicarrier, the Hulked-out Spider-Man and Thor crash to the ground in the National Mall in Washington. Thor calls Spidey to the task of fighting the Hulked-out A.I.Marines but Spidey recognizes the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Flashbacks show young Peter Parker on a class trip to the Smithsonian was bullied by another bigger kid. Spider-Hulk abandons Thor to enter the museum; Thor misses his ally, clobbers all the baddies in sight and goes in search of Spidey, finding him looking at the dinosaur exhibits. Thor recalls an incident from his boyhood where Odin ordered him to be nicer to Loki and so he invited his adopted bother to join in a fighting game with some friends—and Loki abandoned Thor at a crucial time. And now, Thor grows increasingly angry at being abandoned in the fight and threatens to destroy all of the exhibits unless Spidey joins him; Spidey responds by webbing up Thor—but Thor breaks out in full fury to teach Spidey a lesson....

“Personal Wreckage Part 1.”

Writer: Chris Eliopoulos. Art: Patrick Scherberger. Colors: Edgar Delgado

Synopsis: The Hulked-out Cyclops and Iceman meet on a city street; they immediately begin quarreling about Icehulk's sense of humor which Hulklops sorely dislikes—a quarrel which quickly turns to blows. Flashbacks show the origins of this quarrel go back to their earliest days in the X-Men, with Bobby enjoying pranking Scott with ice and Scott's objections to Bobby's silliness, which led to a now with the Hulked-out versions of the characters. Hulklops gains the upper hand and clobbers Icehulk....

Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina
Chris Sotomayor
Barry Kitson (Cover Penciler)
Barry Kitson (Cover Inker)
Dave McCaig (Cover Colorist)


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