World War Hulks #1: Review

Apr 2010
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World War Hulks

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3.5 stars

World War Hulks #1 Review by (May 1, 2018)

Review: An odd duck of an issue: it implies it is the beginning of the Hulk mini-epic WORLD WAR HULKS but the event is clearly based in the two main Hulk titles. This particular item just presents us with vignettes of some of the supporting players in the story and none of the episodes is essential to understanding the epic. The only really “significant” bit is that the Deadpool tale sets up another unnecessary tie-in: HULKED OUT HEROES. Never has something that seemed so central turned out so unessential.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

World War Hulks #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A-Bomb in “Game Face”

Writer: Jeff Parker. Pencils: Zach Howard. Inks: Mark Irwin, Zach Howard. Colors: John Rauch.

Synopsis: Ulik the Troll has escaped from Asgard in Oklahoma and gone on a drunken spree and is now in Colorado, having derailed a train. Coming to the rescue: A-Bomb (a/k/a Rick Jones) with his wife Marlo Chandler in tow. A-Bomb minimizes damage but he broods over bringing all this misery into her life while she tries to tell him it's all okay. Then Ulik snatches her and A-Bomb punches him out. Rick and Marlo agree to meet again in a year to see if anything has changed....

Glenn Talbot in “Nobody Dies Forever”

Writer: Harrison Wilcox. Pencils: Ben Oliver. Inks: Ben Oliver. Colors: Veronica Gandini.

Synopsis: Captain America (James Barnes) and Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) are checking files to find out who Cap spotted in the crowd at General Ross' funeral (FALL OF THE HULKS: GAMMA). Cap recognizes Glenn Talbot—who is supposed to be dead. Cap recalls an earlier incident, when Talbot was captured on a rescue mission inside Soviet Russia. He faced the Gremlin who wanted to know everything about the Hulk and brought in the Winter Soldier to conduct the interrogation. After two weeks of brutality, Talbot recognized the Winter Soldier as Bucky Barnes and told him about his past as Captain America's sidekick. Talbot broke free and ran and Bucky, having regained part of his memory, gunned down guards so that Talbot could get away—but they were both captured and their minds wiped so that they remembered nothing of this. In the present, Cap—the returned Bucky—hopes that Talbot is truly back, and for a good reason....

Cosmic Hulk in “RAM”

Writer: Scott Reed. Pencils: Aluir Amancio. Inks: Terry Austin. Colors: Val Staples.

Synopsis: At a secret military base, human error causes a weapon to fire and the missile heads through the building to where Glenn Talbot is showing Betty Ross the Cosmic Hulk—a mechanical replica of the Green Giant to be used as a research aid; to activate it, Talbot must install the RAM neural processor by hand (the techs are afraid to approach it). Glenn and Betty dodge the missile but it hits the Hulk figure bringing it to “life.” Talbot sends the missile (which has not yet detonated) after the Hulk where it explodes, tearing the robot's skin off. The creature seizes Talbot and roars—so that Glenn is able to install the RAM inside its mouth, bringing it to a halt. Betty offers to stay with Glenn as he is someone she can trust.

Leonard Samson in “Heroic Efforts”

Writer: Paul Tobin. Art: Ramon Rosanas x 3.

Synopsis: On the Intelligencia's Helicarrier base, Leonard Samson is locked in a deadly battle with Bill Davis, a soldier Samson had persuaded to volunteer for the cathexis-ray test, telling him he would be a hero. After power was drained from the captive She-Hulk and shot through Bill he became a huge and hideous copy of the Red Hulk—and bitterly resented it. Now he is trying to kill Samson but Samson kills him first, snapping his neck with the Leader marveling that he was able to take such punishment.

Red She-Hulk in “Object of Desire”

Writer: Harrison Wilcox. Pencils: Ryan Stegman. Inks: Michael Babinki. Colors: Guru eFX.

Synopsis: Aboard the Intelligencia's Helicarrier base, Red She-Hulk is worried about her new powers—and the rage and guilt that come with them. The Leader (clearly attracted to her) tries to persuade her to embrace her power but she is still bitter over having killed She-Hulk. When Leader reveals that she really killed an LMD of She-Hulk and Jen is still alive and a prisoner, Red knocks him out and goes to see for herself. She burst into the Mad Thinker's lab and he orders his new and improved android to kill her but Red defeats the monster and is directed to where Jen floats in a huge tank. She tries to release Jen but Doc Samson stops her; Red takes out her anger on Samson for his manipulations of her mind and the Leader arrives to shoot her down, still hoping to make her a willing part of their scheme.

Deadpool in “Stupid Champagne Room!”

Writer: Jeff Parker. Art Ig Guara. Colors: Chris Sotomayor.

Synopsis: A week ago, Deadpool escaped from a fancy gentleman's club ahead of the gangsters demanding he pay his $30,000 bill or else. Wade then tracked down the Red Hulk and threatened to shoot him if he didn't hand over the money; Rulk instead persuaded Wade to hide in his bag for the invasion of the Intelligencia's Helicarrier base. Like an idiot, he agreed and with the release of the Gamma energy, 'Pool, like the other heroes on the carrier, transformed into a Hulk-like version of himself. Dubbing himself Hulkpool, he encounters Bob, Agent of Hydra (though now he's with A.I.M.) and explains his plan to go back in time to kill...Deadpool. Nervously Bob tells him he knows where to find Doctor Doom's time machine and Hulkpool bails out, Bob in tow....

Continued in HULKED OUT HEROES #1-2.

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John Romita Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Klaus Janson (Cover Inker)
Dean White (Cover Colorist)

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