X-Men #26: Review

Nov 1993
Fabian Nicieza, Andy Kubert

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Civil Disobedience!: Part Two of Bloodties

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3 stars


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X-Men #26 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Story continued from AVENGERS #368.

As Fabian Cortez appears on television, announcing his crusade to exterminate all the humans on Genosha, the X-Men realize the bitter truth that, though the threat of Magneto has been neutralized, many still willingly advance his cause. An embittered Quicksilver determines to recover his daughter Luna from the madman and the others pledge their support….

On the space station Avalon, Colossus guards the catatonic Magneto and wonders at the futility of his attempts to do something constructive with his powers. Exodus, leader of the Acolytes, asks for a private chat with Magneto, and Colossus leaves….

In New York, the Avengers are engaged in battle against the forces of SHIELD, who are determined to prevent the heroes from intervening in the civil war in Genosha. The Avengers, with their teamwork, overcome Nick Fury and his forces and Captain America takes some of the group off to Genosha in the Quinjet while others stay behind for a major battle—this one against the United Nations….

In the mountains of Genosha, Professor Xavier and his party are ambushed by mutate rebels. Xavier takes Beast with him to meet their assailants in order to protect the others and reveals this was an arranged meeting. The group is the Bipartisan Rebel Batallion, led by Renee Majcomb, a band of humans and mutates united to stop the atrocities by both sides. They head off to plan their next move—unaware that USAgent has stowed away under the truck….

The X-Men arrive north of Hammer Bay (Genosha’s capital) and are immediately confronted by Cortez’s murder squad, the Unforgiven. An enraged Quicksilver attacks them, denouncing the way of violence that led to Magneto’s grim fate. Suddenly, Fabian Cortez appears, and now that he knows for certain that Magneto is out of the picture, nothing can stop his scheme of bloody retribution….

At the capital, the Avengers have arrived and are attempting to halt the mutate/human violence. Crystal summons a hurricane force to separate the combatants but the force comes out more intense than expected and most of the humans are destroyed. They look up to see who has interfered with Crystal’s power and discover that Magneto’s greatest disciple Exodus is now here to carry out his master’s goal of exterminating the humans….

Story continues in AVENGERS WEST COAST #101.

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Andy Kubert
Matt Ryan
Joe Rosas
Andy Kubert (Cover Penciler)
Matt Ryan (Cover Inker)


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Black Widow
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Plus: Acolytes, Archangel, Bishop, Black Knight, Colossus (Piotr Rasputin), Dum Dum Dugan, Exodus, Fabian Cortez, Renee Majcomb, Revanche, Sersi, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Trish Tilby, U.S. Agent, Unforgiven, War Machine (James Rhodes).