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From the Almighty to the All-Father, We're Inspired by the Gods

February 19, 2014
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Perhaps ignited by the "nothing finally happened" December 21, 2012 Mayan-End-of-the-World event, people went back to their religious roots and established a closer relationship with their beliefs.  Gods are the new trend.

On the "real" side of the religion spectrum, the most notorious event has been the election of Pope Francis, a humble, charismatic man from South America who brought warmth and freshness to Catholicism, surprising Catholics, and the world at large with an embracing, modern and open message some Christians object but most people accept as a good sign of hope for a Jesus Christ inspired yet human organization that really needed a change.

And on the "fictitious" side of the religious spectrum, there's Thor, Marvel Comics' version of the Nordic god of thunder, prince of Asgard, and son of Odin, the All Father. Chris Hemsworth was a rather unknown tall blond actor from Australia until he played the part of Thor in the first movie from 2011. Besides fame and a small fortune, he's received prestigious awards in a sky rocketing career that is on an uptrend.

We're suddenly richly exposed to religion, either "formal" or fantasy-related (from the entertainment industry). It's not possible for humans to enter the heavens (or Asgard) without the aid of gods. But there are ways to own a little bit of paradise if we know where to look and use our imagination.

Want to hold Mjolnir up to the sky? Get yours at Amazon. Wanna make money playing bingo on the web like a God? Visit Bingogodz and have fun. Would you like to wear or give away a Pope Francis hoodie as a present? Get one from Cafepress.

Peace is easier to expect and demand when we're touched by spiritualism. Thank God that is.

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