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In the Beginning There Was Us But Then We Died

November 13, 2013
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Hear all-wise Odin!

The end of times hath already come! And gone...

'Tis not the same Midgard as it used to be.

Eons ago, the sun and the moon were different. Thy names were Sol and Mani. They were not as fair as those thou see in Midgard skies today.

Hear me! 'Tis not without sacrifice I speak to thee!

On those old Midgard days, near the end, Demon Wolves chased the star and moon.

Snow fell like never before. 'Tis was much discomfort, so mortals fought each other, killing themselves, even among brothers.

And when the mighty Wolves finally caught Sol and Mani, they devoured them.

Darkness came and reigned. All Midgard dwellers perished.

Nor my All-Father might, nor my son's, Thor, the god of thunder, was enow to halt the destruction.

And so we died.

And Sif, Frigga, Heimdall and Loki also died.

'Twas Ragnarök: the Twilight of the Gods.

'Twas the "end of the world".

Darkness prevailed for a while... But then there was LIGHT.

The fire that consumed the old Midgard did not reach a special garden were I, the Most Noble One, hid "Life", a woman, and "Lifthrasir", a man.

'Twas as I planned.

Then a new sun and moon rose, finer than their predecessors. And the planet Earth was green once more.

'Tis when Life and Lifthrasir woke from their slumber, as I foresaw it.

Life had children, who had children, and like so.

Nowadays they are called by other names, but thou come from them.

And as I foresaw it as well, a group of Midgard dwellers brought us (Asgardian gods) back from Hela's grip.

'Twas 57 of thy years ago. They call themselves the marvel.

Thanks to that, now thou see us (Thor, Sir, Loki, Myself) dwelling in large screens, painted literature, or what mortals call "web".

'Tis as I planned, as well.

Much more is there to say, but the All-Father hath spoken enow for this day!

* Text based on "The Children of Odin" by Padraic Colum (1920)

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