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Let's Give This Man A Hand

December 2, 2014
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Patrick Blaine's dream was to become a comic book artist for a living. And he made it. 

His artist credits include works for DC Comics and Top Cow.

But a few years ago, his dream evolved into something a little bit more challenging yet not less interesting. He wanted to paint comics, not just draw them.

So after teaching himself painting for some time, he felt satisfied with the results and picked the Strongest One There Is to produce test sequential pages.

On September, Blaine posted those painted pages on his Facebook wall. They feature the Incredible Hulk, a sexy Betty Ross, She-Hulk, Korg, A-Bomb, the Leader, Bibeast and Rhino. Check them out here.

Bleeding Cool found that information and wrote an article about it. The Hulk's Engine of Destruction blog did alike soon after. I found out about Blaine's work via Engine of Destruction. And I am posting my own article today.

Like my comic enthusiast peers, I believe the work of Patrick Blaine is impressive. Blaine would be a valuable asset to any serious comics creative team. So be it the Hulk's or other, I hope he lands the job he dreams of.

If you agree with this, let's give the man a hand. Voice out your opinion leaving comments below or spread this post to your social platform of choice.

And my personal message to Patrick: Good Luck!!

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