Comic Book: All-New Captain America Special

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PART 3- THE GRAND FINALE OF INHUMAN ERROR"! - Red Raven has Spider-Man and the Inhumans right where he wants them! - One bird turn deserves another, as the All-New Captain America answers the call to defend New York from the revenge-ready Red Raven!

Data Sheet:
May 2015 (one-shot)

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Captain America
Captain America

(Sam Wilson)

(Peter Parker)
Plus: Flint, Iso, Steve Rogers (Old self).

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All-New Captain America Special #1
4 stars

All-New Captain America Special #1

May 2015
"Inhuman Error: Part 3"
Script: Jeff Loveness
Story continued from INHUMAN SPECIAL #1 Captain America (Sam Wilson) is drawn toward the city floating high over Manhattan and arrives just in time to catch a plummeting Spider-Man. [...]