Comic Book: The Mighty Thor (2015 series)

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When DR. JANE FOSTER lifts the mystic hammer Mjolnir, she is transformed into the Goddess of Thunder, THE MIGHTY THOR! Her enemies are many, as Asgard descends further into chaos and war threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms. Yet her greatest battle will be against a far more personal foe: the cancer that is killing her mortal form.

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Nov 2015 to ..?

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The Mighty Thor  #1
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #1

November 2015
"Thunder in her Veins"
Script: Jason Aaron
In a hospital, Dr. Jane Foster sits contemplating the chemotherapy which is intended to halt the cancer which is slowly spreading through her body and killing her. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #2
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #2

December 2015
"The War of the Elves"
Script: Jason Aaron
Loki has applied to join the Dark Council headed by Malekith; his father Laufey takes him to the icy wastes of Jotunheim. Laufey promises to endorse Loki for membership if he proves himself by walking through a snowy canyon—one that is occupied by five giant warriors…. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #3
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #3

January 2016
"The Saga of Thor and Loki"
Script: Jason Aaron
Thor (Jane Foster) and Loki meet on the battlefield in Alfheim where Malekith''s forces are laying waste the peaceful realm. Loki tries to convince Thor that he can be trusted to help her end the war, or as he puts it “An all-new, all-different Thor deserves an all-new, all-different Loki. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #4
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #4

February 2016
"The Trial of the All-Mother"
Script: Jason Aaron
Jane Foster, in the sky and separated from her identity as Thor, plummets quickly toward the Alfheim battlefield. In free fall, she managers to regain Mjolnir and transforms in the nick of time. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #5
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #5

March 2016
"The Civil War of the Gods"
Script: Jason Aaron
The duel between female Thor and Odin sends the combatants crashing into the moons of Saturn with Thor putting into her blows all the bitterness she has harbored since Odin rejected Jane Foster as a suitable mate for his son.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #6
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #6

April 2016
"The Strongest Viking There Is—Part One"
Script: Jason Aaron
When Roxxon CEO Dario Agger wonders how he can protect himself against his untrustworthy ally Malekith, Loki offers his support and tells the following story... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #7
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #7

May 2016
"The Strongest Viking There Is—Part Two"
Script: Jason Aaron
Loki continues his tale: Thor is beaten by Bodolf the Black, a Hulk-like Viking who conquers the lands with his army but when a maiden prays to Thor for deliverance, the God of Thunder returns in power. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #8
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #8

June 2016
"Lords of Midgard"
Script: Jason Aaron
After a busy week doing heroic things, on Tuesday Thor changes back to Jane Foster for her weekly chemotherapy session; this time, however, she is accosted by SHIELD Agents Kurdle and Krill who take her back to the Helicarrier to question her about Thor.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #9
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #9

July 2016
"The Agger Imperative"
Script: Jason Aaron
In Asgardia, Loki reveals why he stabbed the All-Mother in the back (literally—in issue #5): to save her from an even worse fate at the hands of Malekith.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #10
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #10

August 2016
"The Battle of Roxxon Island"
Script: Jason Aaron
Light Elf king Sir Ivory Honeyshot has captured a Dark Elf and is torturing him for information as to the whereabouts of his queen; covered in hungry ants the baddie tells him that she is a prisoner of Malekith (issues #4-5). [...]
The Mighty Thor  #11
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #11

September 2016
"Thor's Best Friend"
Script: Jason Aaron
The standoff between SHIELD and the bad guys on Roxxon Island has been halted by Dr. Jane Foster arriving to save Thor''s life; Agents Kurdle and Krill are stunned that their guess about her identity was wrong. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #12
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #12

October 2016
"The Untold Origin of Mjolnir"
Script: Jason Aaron
Mjolnir pulls Thor through the universe to crash into the library at Omnipotence City, the Nexus of All the Gods. At her questions, the Librarian tells her the real story of the hammer.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #13
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #13

November 2016
"The League of Realms Rides Again"
Script: Jason Aaron
Jane Foster muses on her new duty to protect the Ten Realms from anything that would threaten them so now she and the reassembled League of Realms are out to liberate Alfheim from the grip of the Dark Elves and rescue the Queen. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #14
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #14

December 2016
"Ljosalfgard's Burning"
Script: Jason Aaron
Earlier: Malekith and his Dark Elves head to Nastrond Prison in Niffleheim where they send Algrim the Strong, better known as Kurse, into captivity and free Lady Waziria, whom the villain transforms into a new Kurse.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #15
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #15

January 2017
"The Asgard/Shi'ar War, Part One: A Day Which Will Live in Immortal Infamy"
Script: Jason Aaron
The faithful Heimdall stands guard at the gate of Asgardia when he is attacked by Gladiator of the Shi''ar Imperial Guard on a mission from the gods. Heimdall is determined to repel the invader.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #16
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #16

February 2017
"The Asgard/Shi'ar War, Part Two: The Challenge of the Gods"
Script: Jason Aaron
Abducted by the Imperial Guard, Thor stands before the gods of the Shi''''ar, Sharra and K''''ythri, the Starmother and the Father of Light. She approaches them with arrogance and discourtesy and they intend to show her what it means to be a god. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #17
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #17

March 2017
"The Asgard/Shi'ar War, Part Three: When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears"
Script: Jason Aaron
As the Challenge of the Gods continues, the gods of the Shi''ar, Sharra and K''ythri, create a supernova and send it hurling toward an inhabited galaxy. Thor breaks the rules by summoning the Mother Storm to destroy it before it does any harm. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #18
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #18

April 2017
"The Asgard/Shi'ar War, Part Four: The Omega Kiss"
Script: Jason Aaron
Quentin Quire, bored with the world and the people in it, rests on the sentient island of Krakoa. Suddenly Thor (Jane Foster) shows up, accompanied by Kid Gladiator and Warbird. They need his help urgently but he brushes them off—until they mention the Phoenix.... [...]
The Mighty Thor  #19
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #19

May 2017
"The Asgard/Shi'ar War, Part Five: To Face the Phoenix"
Script: Jason Aaron
It''s Jane Thor and Quentin Quire versus the Phoenix Force; the mutant boy tries to enter the force and commune with it (he''s the Force''s destiny) but is blocked. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #20
4 stars

The Mighty Thor #20

June 2017
"Baptism by Fire"
Script: Jason Aaron
The War of the Realms expands into Nidavellir, the land of the Dwarves. Three Senators of the Congress of Worlds—Roz Solomon (Earth), Volstagg (Asgard), and Milkmane (Light Elves)--arrive to see what they can do before the forces of Malekith invade. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #21
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #21

July 2017
"The War Thor"
Script: Jason Aaron
Nidavellir, the home of the dwarves, is being bombarded with laming maggot bombs by the Fire Riders of Muspelheim. Suddenly, the War Thor (formerly Volstagg) appears on the battlefield and uses his mighty hammer and powers over lightning to destroy the enemy forces. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #22
4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #22

August 2017
"A Fistful of Brimstone"
Script: Jason Aaron
In Muspelheim, Queen Sindr confers with her allies Malekith and Loki, making it clear the three do not trust or respect one another. Suddenly, the previously unheard sound of thunder rolls across the skies and rain comes to Muspelheim for the first time in living memory. [...]
The Mighty Thor  #23
3.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #23

September 2017
"The War of Thors"
Script: Jason Aaron
 In the Void, Jane Thor and Volstagg (War) Thor are battling to the finish, he fighting for war and her for peace. Bloodroot, wizard of Vanaheim, Balder King of Hel, the Angels of Heven all detect the portentous events on the horizon. [...]