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2020 iWolverine #2: Review

Aug 2020
Larry Hama, Roland Boschi

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4 stars

2020 iWolverine #2 Review by (August 28, 2020)
In last issue Albert said that the 2020 event's AI rebellion was occurring but he was keeping out of it. However he *was* involved in Iron Man 2020 #1&3, and he will be seen in #6 alongside Elsie Dee. On that basis this mini-series happens between IM2020#3 and #6.

However their apps in #6, along with many other chars, are revealed to be a VR illusion, so the conclusion of the previous paragraph may be incorrect.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

2020 iWolverine #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Wolverine robot Albert came to Madripoor and rescued his companion young girl robot Elsie Dee from servitude to Yakuza boss Kimura. Along the way he angered a lot of people who are now determined to stop them leaving the island.

Foremost among them is Donald Pierce, head of the Reavers, and his right-hand man Bonebreaker, with his 4 cyborg spider-legs, whose gun-toting gang are heading for the airport. (Apparently no passenger ships dock at the island, only freight container ships.)

Meanwhile the target duo are fighting their way through the Vladivostok Mafia. Bullets bounce off Albert so they fire an anti-tank projectile at him which does some damage. But Elsie Dee grabs the next round out of the air and throws (or with her lisp "thwows") it back at them, commenting that luckily for her it detonates on contact rather than proximity. Not so lucky for the Russians bosses the Karamazov brothers.

Pierce and his armed gang persuade the airport officials to let them camp out at Customs.

Elsie Dee is driving a motorbike liberated from the Mafia with Albert in the side-car sporting some Russian clothing replacing his own shredded garb. Next up is Turtle Head Wu's Jade Dragons who have blocked the road with 2 jeepneys full of Triad fighters. Moon Face Chung threatens them with a flame-thrower. Albert responds with a jellied gasoline round from the Russian's RPG which destroys him and 1 of the jeepneys. The rest of the gang attack with Big Wing and his chainsaw up front. Diminutive Elsie Dee takes them all on.

At the airport the Reavers set up a high-velocity rail-gun. Bonebreaker reports that the Dragons who weren't fried have all been kneecapped.

The 3rd obstacle is the Yakuzas who are lying in wait while Kimura sits it out in his stretch limo with his aide Sachiko and his pet chimp. They were using Elsie Dee as an accountant and the boss is particularly concerned that she doesn't escape with her detailed memory of his books. Sachiko just wants revenge for Albert hitting her last issue.

Our pair are now driving the surviving jeepney with lots of captured weapons. They survive a hail of gunfire via Kevlar and a metal manhole cover and ram through the limo (but the occupants are already out). The jeepney is wrecked but Albert climbs out and throws Elsie Dee with the chainsaw at the opposition. She has to fend of the chimp wielding a samurai sword as Albert wades in. But Kimura stops the battle and says it is a matter of personal honour between him & Sachiko and Albert & Elsie. Elsie says she's erased his bookkeeping info. Kimura agrees to get the pair out of the country avoiding the waiting Reavers, but there must be the customary penalty.

Next thing we see is another of the Yakuza's limos arriving at the airport. The Reavers destroy it with the rail-gun. Meanwhile Kimura and Sachiko supervise the loading of a very large crate onto a chartered freight plane. Inside are Albert and ED. Albert has sacrificed a finger to the Yakuza boss, but Elsie says she can make him a replacement. And Donald Pierce discovers the limo was empty.

Roland Boschi
Roland Boschi
Andres Mossa
Juan Jose Ryp (Cover Penciler)
Juan Jose Ryp (Cover Inker)
Juan Jose Ryp (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Darren Shan. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Albert, Bonebreaker, Donald Pierce, Elsie Dee.

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