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Abominations, The #1: Review

Dec 1996
Ivan Velez Jr., Angel Medina

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Blood Rush

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2 stars

Abominations, The #1 Review by (October 17, 2023)

Review: You didn’t know there was a sequel to HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT that didn’t feature the Hulk? Neither did I but here it is, a dark and ugly sci-fi offering lacking in a point. The alternate Abomination (he’s gray, not green!) invades the palace with his monstrous minions and a bunch of humans we’ve never seen before (and none of whom are particularly interesting) escape to good ol’ Earth-616 where they get involved with a weird-looking bunch of homeless people, led by the familiar Abomination (he’s green, not gray!). There’s some confusing action and the refugees join the homeless and we never see any of them again. Meanwhile, alt-Abomination conquers dystopia and presumably lives happily ever after. Oh and the nicest, sweetest character in the story, Char, is killed off senselessly because that’s the only way some writers can force any emotion into the story. So, no real point to this.

Comments: Story set a few weeks after the fall of the Maestro in HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT. This world is dubbed Earth-9200. Janis Jones, Char, and Betty-6 were introduced in that miniseries; the rest of the characters in this issue are appearing for the first time. Series crosses over with INCREDIBLE HULK #443-458.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Abominations, The #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

After the fall of the Maestro, the exiled Gravity Police discover a swamp where they are captured by this world’s Abomination. Questioning them, Abomination learns the Maestro is dead and feeds the cops to his mutates and makes plans to conquer Dystopia….

Within Dystopia, Janis Jones is aiding in the building of a new society. The intense Chira has been put in charge of the police and is whipping the new recruits into shape. Captain Agarn has been elected leader (defeating Janis) and he is putting things in order with his tech guy Cyberslik and his right-hand Unit—but he has a secret agenda….

Two cops, gigantic Po and techie Sleek, look at Sleek’s latest project: reprogramming a deadly War Dog called Mok to serve the people, not terrorize them (Po is dubious). Char takes care of the children. Betty-6, one of the Maestro’s mistresses, and librarian Librito discover a hidden lab containing a huge sarcophagus. Agarn’s team takes it over but everything grinds to a halt when the Abomination attacks the city with his mutate army. Abom’s forces capture the castle and his psychic Kaspin detects the presence of a sought-after woman. They find the sarcophagus and Abom smashes it open to find the comatose figure of his lover Shulk. Abom orders his troops to slaughter all humans and vows to wipe all traces of the Maestro from the Earth….

Elsewhere, Betty-6 dons armor and presents herself as the Maestro former consort, carrying his baby and orders the mutates to leave. And they do, surprising everyone, especially Betty. When Abomination learns of this, he leaves off mourning over Shulk and orders his minions to hunt her down and kill her and the baby. Hearing of this, Janis leads Betty and others to Doom’s time platform and has them stand on it, sending Betty-6, Char, Cyberslik, Po, Sleek, Librito, Mok the War Dog, and two children Molly and Polly into the past….

In the East Village section of New York, a tense confrontation unfolds between the local police and a band of homeless squatters—and the refugees from the future materialize between them….

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Angel Medina
Brad Vancata
Glynis Oliver
Angel Medina (Cover Penciler)
Brad Vancata (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jim Novak.


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(Emil Blonsky)

Plus: Abomination (Maestro world), Janis Jones.

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