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Alias #5: Review

Mar 2002
Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos

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3 stars

Alias #5 Review by (September 26, 2011)
Comments: We never find out the identity of the doomed woman Steve was visiting or the purpose of the visit. Oddly, Gaydos’ Steve slightly resembles Chris Evans (when he doesn’t look like Val Kilmer). Steve was being overly modest: only three people in his entire life would have protected him? I can name a dozen off the top of my head.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Alias #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Private eye Jessica Jones is attacked in her car by the huge and brutish Man Mountain Marko. He grabs her and taunts her with sexual threats until she boxes his ears and knocks him to the ground. She proceeds to punch him savagely in the face until he gives her the name of his employer. She confronts the man, a millionaire named Zoumas, on a golf course by tossing Marko’s body in front of him. Excusing himself from his bodyguards, he tells Jessica that the whole plot against Captain America was part of a scheme to discredit President George W. Bush and elect Steven Keaton on an anti-superhero platform. And that if she tries to expose his part in it, he will destroy her reputation and have her killed. As she stands there, she gets a call from Clay Quartermain, asking her to leave quickly: there was a bug planted on her and SHIELD has Zoumas’ confession on tape. As she makes it to safety, SHIELD copters arrive to arrest Zoumas and his henchmen. Shortly thereafter, Steven Keaton drops out of the Presidential race. That evening, she receives a visit from Steve Rogers, and she gives him the tape exposing his identity. He asks her why she gave up the hero game and she tells him that she was lacking in the larger-than-life quality needed to inspire people. Steve thanks her for being one of the three people he has met in his long life who would have put her life on the line to protect him. He advises her to call Carol Danvers, who was a friend to her in the old days. After Steve goes, Jessica picks up the phone and dials Carol….

Michael Gaydos
Michael Gaydos
Matt Hollingsworth
David Mack (Cover Penciler)
David Mack (Cover Inker)
David Mack (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Man Mountain Marko.

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