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Amazing Spider-Man #29: Review

Oct 1965
Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

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Never Step on a Scorpion!

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3.5 stars

Amazing Spider-Man #29 Review by (February 14, 2024)

Review: The Scorpion returns to get his revenge on Jameson! There’s not much in the way of plot this issue, as the story basically boils down to Scorpion coming after Jameson and Spidey stopping him. Once again, the Scorpion ends up not being too much of a threat, after his initial appearance would have you believe that he’d be more of an issue. That’s not to say that there’s nothing this issue has going for it. There’s still some nice, classic Spider-Man action, with he and Scorpion tearing up the Bugle, along with some creative web use from Spidey. There’s also some neat little foreshadowings for two different upcoming stories! First, Jameson mentions a cat burglar story to Foswell, which will be followed up on in the next issue! Second, we have Aunt May showing signs of sickness towards the end, which foreshadows the big, classic Master Planner storyline that is quickly upcoming! Overall, a pretty standard issue, providing a good Spidey/Scorpion bout and setting up future stories!

Comments: The Daily Bugle is accidentally referred to as the N.Y. Bugle at one point.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Amazing Spider-Man #29 Synopsis by Anthony Silvestro

Our story begins with Peter Parker at home, noticing that a lot of his clothes are now getting too small. Peter just about cleans out his bank account before deciding to head to the Daily Bugle. Meanwhile, in another part of town, the Scorpion escapes from jail after getting his suit back due to feigning insanity, vowing to get revenge on both Spider-Man and Jameson! Peter reaches the Daily Bugle and finds J. Jonah Jameson talking with Frederick Foswell about a cat burglar story. Peter decides to get the details later as he then runs into Betty Brant talking to the newly returned Ned Leeds, much to Peter’s chagrin. Just then, a police officer stops in to warn Jameson that the Scorpion has escaped and is likely coming for him. Jameson feigns ignorance, not wanting anyone to find out that he’s the reason the Scorpion exists in the first place.

Peter decides to head out to look for the Scorpion after sensing that Jameson is bluffing about something. Jameson nervously paces around his office, worrying about what to do, even trying to come up with an idea to contact Spider-Man. Spidey meanwhile has the idea to swing around in circles in one concentrated area, in order to draw the Scorpion to him and away from Jameson. The Scorpion, however, sees Spider-Man but has the opposite idea, realizing that if Spider-Man is here, then Jameson is alone and defenseless, and heads to the Bugle to dispose of Jameson first! We then see Jameson’s plan, having printed a headline claiming that Spider-Man and Scorpion are working together, in order to force Spider-Man to attack the Scorpion.

After swinging around for a while with no results, Spidey realizes his mistake and heads to the Bugle to stop Scorpion. Scorpion meanwhile, enters Jameson’s office and starts destroying the place, as Jameson runs. Just as Scorpion has Jameson cornered, Spidey arrives through the window and tackles Scorpion! Spidey and Scorpion continue to trade blows, as Spider-Man notices that Betty is being comforted by Ned. This causes him to behave a lot more recklessly, charging in and getting hit back by Scorpion. Spidey and Scorpion continue to battle until the police arrive, causing Scorpion to escape out the window, as Spider-Man follows him! Jameson looks around at his destroyed office, as Ned takes a distraught Betty home.

Spider-Man and Scorpion continue their fight across the rooftops. Spidey spins some webs into a bola, wrapping up Scorpion’s legs and one of his arms. Scorpion then uses his tail to propel himself at Spidey, knocking them both over the edge of the roof. Spidey snags Scorpion with a web line and swings through the city with him in tow, eventually dropping the two of them into the Hudson River. With the more limited mobility, Spidey is able to outmaneuver Scorpion and completely web him up. Scorpion then runs out of air before Spider-Man, due to Spidey’s stronger lungs, allowing Spidey to drag him out of the river, defeated.

Peter dries out his costume and returns to the Bugle, where he finds out that Ned took Betty home. After calling Betty, Ned answers and says that a friend is staying with Betty, leaving Peter feeling dejected. In the kitchen, Aunt May suddenly suffers a dizzy spell and falls to the ground, pretending she just dropped something when Peter walks in. The issue ends with Aunt May hoping that it isn’t anything serious, not knowing what would happen to Peter if anything became of her!

Steve Ditko
Steve Ditko
Stan Goldberg
Steve Ditko (Cover Penciler)
Steve Ditko (Cover Inker)
Stan Goldberg (Cover Colorist)
Plot: . Letterer: Sam Rosen.


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J. Jonah Jameson
J. Jonah Jameson

(JJ Jameson)
May Parker
May Parker

(Aunt May)

(Mac Gargan)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Betty Brant, Frederick Foswell (Big Man), Ned Leeds.

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