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Amazing Spider-Man #533: Review

Aug 2006
J. Michael Straczynski, Ron Garney

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The night the war came home, part 2 of 6

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4 stars

Amazing Spider-Man #533 Review by (April 25, 2016)
This issue happens within Civil War #3.

Eddie Brock is in hospital with cancer and the Venom symbiote has been passed to Mac Gargan, ex-Scorpion.

Doc Samson, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and Yellowjacket have already been seen in action as the pro-SRA team in CW#2-3.

What of the other New Avengers:- Sentry has also registered. Captain America, Luke Cage and Wolverine are part of the Resistance, and Spider-Woman will join them.

Human Torch isn't with the FF because he's in a coma since being beaten up by anti-superhero protesters in CW#1. Invisible Woman and Thing are seen here on the pro-SRA side. But IW will switch, and Thing will go to France to avoid choosing sides.

The Thunderbolts were inducted in their #103, ostensibly to hunt supervillains but they will be sent against heroes.

I'll just mention once that Yellowjacket is really a Skrull here.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Amazing Spider-Man #533 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Tony Stark and Spider-Man (in his standard costume) are holding a press conference where Spidey has just unmasked to show his support for the Superhuman Registration Act. Now he tells the world his name.

An immediate reaction is for millions of people to Google the name, and crash the Internet.

J Jonah Jameson tries to contain his anger at being duped by Peter Parker all these years, but swears revenge.

Peter is sick with worry about his family. Tony tries to commiserate but Pete extracts his promise to look after Mary Jane and Aunt May if anything happens to him. And says that if anything happens to them because of this then it's Stark who'll have to worry.

Outside there's a large crowd with very mixed reactions. But Peter is whisked away to the airport in Tony's limo. On the way he phones MJ at Avengers Tower, and she is supportive while also relaying May's comments. Then he's interrupted by a call on the car phone from Reed Richards, also calling to offer his support. Pete tries to hold up his end of the new conversation while also telling MJ what Reed is saying - and she tells May. Then Sue Richards picks up an extension phone to chip in. The Fantastics have a mild disagreement, and all this is passed to MJ and May. In the end Peter just lets his 2 phones talk to each other.

Stark's private jet flies Peter back to New York. Where he is served with a legal letter saying the Daily Bugle intends to sue him for $5 million for selling them Spider-Man photos as Parker, and the damage that has now done to their reputation.

Another Stark limo takes Peter to the Tower. The paparazzi are out in force when he gets there. And the rumour mill is already fabricating celebrity news about him.

Flash Thompson doesn't believe it when he sees it on the TV news. Eddie Brock sees it from his hospital bed, Vulture from prison. And lots of other Spider-foes and allies.

Pete and MJ give each other a hug, but May calls them to the TV where Tony Stark is making another announcement. He says many heroes have already registered, but many others have indicated that they won't. He claims to have a list of 137 heroes whose secret ids he knows. Anyone on that list who hasn't registered by tomorrow will be a hunted outlaw, as will anyone who helps them. That includes Captain America, whose identity is known but who has declared himself opposed to the Registration Act.

Other registered heroes will help with the round-up, but the initial strike team will be Mr Fantastic, Yellowjacket ... and Spider-Man.

Peter is shocked by this. And May can't deal with the idea that he might have to fight the WWII hero Cap.

Pete and MJ sneak out a back entrance to get some air. But the paparazzi are waiting for them there too. And a self-styled 'Captain America's no 1 fan' who aims a gun at them. Peter pushes MJ behind him and shoots webbing to block the gun barrel. The weapon explodes, damaging the man's hand. And he promises to sue as others wrestle him to the ground.

Later Spidey (in his new Iron Spider costume) meets with Iron Man. Stark apologises for not giving Peter warning, but holds him to his promise to back him all the way. Then he introduce SM to his fellow hero-hunters. As well as Mr Fantastic there is Invisible Woman and Thing. As well as Yellowjacket we see Wasp with Doc Samson, Ms Marvel and She-Hulk. There are also the Thunderbolts (Atlas, Blizzard, Fixer, Mach IV, Radioactive Man and Songbird).

Ron Garney
Bill Reinhold
Matt Milla
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)
Ron Garney (Cover Inker)
Ron Garney (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America

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Doc Samson

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Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

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Iron Man
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Plus: Atlas.

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