Amazing Spider-Man Special #1

March 2015
Jeff Loveness, Luca Pizzari

Story Name:

Inhuman Error: Part 1

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4 stars

By Peter on March 28, 2017

Comments: Part 2 is in INHUMAN SPECIAL #1; Part 3 in ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA SPECIAL #1. The four new Inhumans (also called Nuhumans) are Naja (invisibility and flight), Iso (controls pressure), Inferno (fire powers), and Flint (controls rock). Red Raven was a Golden Age hero who made a single appearance in 1940; he was brought back in X-MEN #44 and has appeared intermittently since.

Review: Nice little epic teams Spidey and the Inhumans (and the somewhat awkward Sam Cap) for a story that has a little depth and features the return of a nearly forgotten character. Red Raven has popped up from time to time but here his appearance has some gravitas with some personal tragedy. These parts aren't very convincing but they served their purpose, to have something big at stake for Spidey to joke around about. This is Jimmy Kimmel writer Jeff Loveness's strong suit: comedy. Was it my imagination or was Spidey clowning around more than usual—and told to shut up more than usual—to the point where I wanted to punch his webbed face? The three installments each boast a different artist, all of whom do a great job of suiting the material while not looking like they are copying each other. Enjoyable.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The story opens with Peter Parker in a Barstuck''s pondering how to approach an attractive woman there. He dithers too long and she leaves, so Peter takes his burrito and swings across the rooftops as Spider-Man, looking for a quiet place to eat his lunch. Before he can tuck in, his spider-sense goes off and he turns to see a city floating in the air high above Manhattan. A horde of birdmen descend on the city and Spidey takes them on singlehandedly (like he has a choice?) and is soon overwhelmed. The Inhumans come to his rescue and Pete immediately develops a crush on their queen Medusa. It turns out that the birdmen are attacking the Inhuman''s home of New Attilan (currently in New York); Spidey volunteers to join them in the absence of the Avengers and Fantastic Four. At the palace in New Attilan, four rookie Inhumans are trying to fight off the monsters and losing when Spidey arrives with Medusa and Gorgon (plus Triton who was already on the scene). Beating the attackers, the Inhumans use Eldrac the living gateway to transport them to the island in the sky. There they meet the city''s ruler, Red Raven, who holds a grudge against the Inhumans for destroying his home and killing his mutating Vera, for which he now seeks vengeance. He traps Medusa, Gorgon, and Triton in a force bubble and drops Spidey and the four rookies out of the bottom of the floating city to plummet to the Earth below....

Story continued in INHUMAN SPECIAL #1


Jeff Loveness
Luca Pizzari
Luca Pizzari
Nolan Woodard
Jamal Campbell (Cover Penciler)
Jamal Campbell (Cover Inker)
Nolan Woodard (Cover Colorist)