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Avengers: The Origin #1: Review

Apr 2010
Joe Casey, Phil Noto

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The Necessary Evil

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4 stars

Avengers: The Origin #1 Review by (August 21, 2015)
Comments: Hank Pym mentions Trago’s Trumpet, an Ant-Man villain from TALES TO ASTONISH #47.

Review: Yet another revised updating of a classic story and most of the changes fall in the first issue e.g. changing ham radio to e-mail, a mention of C-SPAN, and most surprising of all, Rick Jones being affiliated with a street gang that packs weapons. My favorite conceit is printing Ant-Man and Wasp’s dialogue in a smaller font that everyone else, though I’m glad of the magnify option on Marvel Unlimited. Here are the major changes of the new version: Hulk is driven to destroy the train tracks by a vision of Loki mocking him, not the illusion of dynamite as in AVENGERS #1; this seems more in character for the Hulk as we’ve come to know him over the decades. And the Teen Brigade has been swapped out for an armed street gang (noted above) and is the most puzzling detail in the series. The heroes’ arrival is more violent, setting off a dangerous stalemate instead of a bunch of kids standing around marveling at their heroes, which gives the tale more (oddball) drama.


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Avengers: The Origin #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Exiled to the Isle of Silence, Loki, Norse God of Evil, ponders how he can humiliate his hated brother Thor. The opportunity comes when he spies the Hulk in the Nevada desert. He sends an illusionary monster to taunt the Hulk, driving the green giant into a rage and maneuvering him into smashing railroad tracks just ahead of an oncoming train. Hulk saves the train by supporting the broken rails but all the witnesses on the train report the Hulk as on a rampage….


Hearing the news, Rick Jones and his pals (a real street gang), track the Hulk and email the Fantastic Four for help. Loki diverts the message so that it arrives, coded in the Viking language, at the office of Dr. Don Blake. Don excuses himself and heads to the roof where he transforms into Thor unseen. But the message also interrupts a tech demonstration by Tony Stark who decides to investigate as Iron Man. The email reaches a third unexpected recipient: Hank "Ant-Man" Pym, who joins the Wasp in tracing it to its source. Thus, Thor and Iron Man crash into the boys’ hideout, while the tinier heroes make a less spectacular entrance. The boys draw their guns….

Phil Noto
Phil Noto
Phil Noto
Phil Noto (Cover Penciler)
Phil Noto (Cover Inker)
Phil Noto (Cover Colorist)


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