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Avengers #100: Review

Jun 1972
Roy Thomas, Barry Smith

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Whatever Gods There Be!

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3 stars

Avengers #100 Review by (February 15, 2010)
In honor of the 100th issue of THE AVENGERS, all current and former members of the team are reunited for this adventure, which is the conclusion of a three-part story. Joe Sinnott and Syd Shores also ink this issue.

Avengers #100 Review by (February 14, 2012)
The Index seems a bit confused about Enchantress's whereabouts before this issue. On the one hand it says she and the sword were transported from #84 directly to Olympus and Ares. On the other hand it says she appeared in Hulk #142 between #84 and now, where she reutilised the Valkyrie persona from #83. Perhaps she took time out while Ares was working on his plan. Enchantress and the Valkyrie persona will meet up with Black Knight again in Defenders #4. Hulk went straight from his #142 to a confrontation with Dr Doom in Hulk #143-144, and then helped form the Defenders in Marvel Feature #1, before winding up here. And of course he too will be in Defenders #4, after other adventures. Ares will continue his villainy, next in Sub-Mariner #57, but will eventually go the Swordsman route and become an Avenger, at least for a time. Hercules will next have a long run in Thor #221-239, and Ares will be the initial villain there, before becoming a founder member of the Champions in their #1, also featuring the villainy of Ares. Kratos and Bia's previous appearance before last issue was in #50 was where the villain was Typhon. This coincidental link will continue into their later outings in Marvel Premiere #26 and Annual #23. Black Panther will visit New York in Daredevil #92, just before returning to the ranks of the Avengers from #105. Ant-Man and Wasp will soon be seen in Hulk #154-155, before moving on to Ant-Man's own series starting in in Marvel Feature #4, replacing the Defenders in #1-3. Rick Jones will pop back in #103 to signal the reboot of Captain Marvel's title with #22.

Swordsman joins the team to complete the roster of all who have ever been Avengers, because he was one briefly in #20, under false pretences. Since then he has been a villain, last seen in #79. But being an Avenger gets in your blood, and this issue sees the start of his reformation. When he returns in #112 he will be on the side of the good guys. Ares' prophecy mentioned a sword, which we already know about, and also a gate which Thor thinks means the gateway between Olympus and Asgard he found in Journey into Mystery Annual #1, and then buried. The Avengers figure Ares is going to invade Asgard from Olympus via Earth. The barrier between Earth and Asgard is so that Odin can't see the attack coming. (But why then mention the gate? And won't the barrier stop Ares' forces?) While Thor uses his hammer to take his shock troops to Olympus, Captain America is left with regular Avengers Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, plus Swordsman and ex-Avengers Ant-Man and Black Panther (contacted last issue) and Wasp (not seen since #91) to block Ares' gateway to Earth in London. Thor's squad find Enchantress, Kratos and Bia guarding Hercules. They learn that Ares' intent is to unsheathe the Odinsword, bringing on Ragnarok (which was described in the Tales of Asgard backup in Thor #127-128). They also learn that in #98 Ares tried to instigate nuclear war on Earth to open a gate to Asgard. the Avengers foiled that plan, so he will use some other unspecified method. It is a combined blow by Black Knight and Thor which fells Ares, and Dane Whitman takes his sword back. It is Hulk who restrains Enchantress. But not before Vision redeems himself for his inaction last issue by taking a spell meant for Thor.

Barry Smith completes the pencilling of this 3-parter, including inking some of this issue himself. This issue begins a short run of saying "Stan Lee presents" rather than Stan Lee editor. #103 will then segue into having Roy Thomas as editor, but keeping the "Stan Lee presents". It is Black Knight who calls all the Avengers together, after his ancestor the original Black Knight shows him what happened to the Ebony Blade after he threw it into the Well at the Center of Time in #84 (because the sentient sword tried to make him kill). Rick Jones coordinates the arrival of the scattered Avengers from back at the mansion. (The anniversary issue wouldn't be complete without him.) Even Hulk gets a mystical summons. Sir Percy's shade shows the assembled Avengers the story too. The Blade fell into the hands of Ares, closely followed by Enchantress who pursued it from #84. (Ares recognised Amora, as well he should because they were conspirators in #38.) They hatched their scheme to conquer Olympus, Asgard and Earth. Ares used the Blade to destroy the Promethean Flame, turning all the Greek gods to glass. Ares was immune because he wielded the blade, as were demigods like Hercules. Ares led an army of lesser creatures such as the satyrs seen in #98, centaurs and yellow-crested titans (as seen in Thor #129). They threw Hercules from Mount Olympus, and he fell to Earth with no memory but a taunting prophecy Ares left him with. Which is how Hawkeye found him in last issue's flashback. Sir Percy's vision then recapitulates the last 2 issues. Ares and the satyrs fomented strife on Earth in #98. In #99 Thor found a barrier stopped him getting home to Asgard, and demigods Kratos and Bia retrieved Hercules for Ares.


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Avengers #100 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Ares, God of War, gains control of the legendary Ebony Blade, and with the help of the Enchantress, captures Hercules and sets out to conquer Olympus, Asgard and Earth. Ares has thrown a barrier around Asgard, and is sending his minions through the portal from Olympus to Earth to use it as a stepping stone to Asgard. To meet this threat Thor calls on all the current and former Avengers to meet him in England; all answer the call, even the Hulk. Thor takes the Hulk, Iron Man, Vision and the Black Knight with him to Olympus to rescue Hercules and defeat Ares and the Enchantress, while the remaining Avengers stay on Earth and face Ares' army. Captain America leads the Earth forces (Ant-Man, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Rick Jones, Scarlet Witch, Wasp and even Swordsman) to victory while Thor and his team defeat Ares and capture the Enchantress. While this has been going on, Hulk has been sitting the battle out, distracted by the satyrs playing music through the Earth portal to encourage Ares' troops. Jade Jaws is totally at peace...until the refugees from the Earth battle step on him while fleeing through the portal. An angry Hulk mops up the remnants of the invaders, and Thor and Hercules destroy the portal between the worlds.

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