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Avengers #119: Review

Jan 1974
Steve Englehart, Bob Brown

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Night of the Collector

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4 stars

Avengers #119 Review by (September 25, 2013)
This issue is not officially part of the Avengers/Defenders War, but it does serve as an epilogue with the fate of Loki. This issue is where Mantis starts referring to herself as 'this one'. Black Panther considers leaving the Avengers to go home to Wakanda again here, but again decides to stay (until #126). A footnote refers to Jungle Action #6-8 which had already been published by this time. But the Marvel Chronology Project puts the long-running Panther's Rage story in this (at best) bimonthly title after #126. The terrible events in his homeland T'Challa mentions here must be the unrest stirred up by Erik Killmonger before that series starts. There must be a gap between the Avengers return from the Av/Def War and the adventure in Rutland. The Official Index has several issues in there all containing Iron Man and Thanos. IM#55-56 features the introduction of the villain. Then BP, CA, SW and V join them for Captain Marvel #27-28. IM continues to follow Thanos to CM#30 and straight into Marvel Feature (Thing) #12. Superhero adventures have taken place at the last 3 occurrences of the Rutland Halloween Parade. #83 saw Enchantress and the Liberators. Marvel Feature #2 had the Defenders vs Dormammu. And last year saw a crossover between Thor #206-207, Amazing Adventures #16 and (sneakily) Justice League of America #103! Of course the real-yearly Halloween festival doesn't mesh well with Marvel time, so the Official Index merges MF#2 into that crossover. The Parade will crop up again in Thor #232, Defenders #100 and Generation X #22 (as well as other companies' comics), which won't present such a continuity problem. Loki secretly masters the power of Dormammu that rendered him witless last issue, and in the aforementioned Thor #232 will use another Parade to cover his escape. Collector will try to collect the Hulk in Hulk #197-198. Then he'll be back here for the Korvac/Machael saga where he collects Avengers 1-by-1 to protect them from that m

I tried to fit too much into a comment box. The last word below should be 'menace'.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #119 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This is an epilogue to the Avengers/Defenders War, continuing from DEFENDERS (1972) #11.

The Avengers return from the Avengers/Defenders War with captive Loki who has lost his wits (last issue). Swordsman was wounded in #117, and Vision inexplicably froze when trapped in a quicksand last issue. And Scarlet Witch continues to display anti-human anger after bigots nearly killed her lover Vision in #113.

For some reason the Avengers' defence system attacks them when they land on the roof of Avengers Mansion. (Maybe it's because they're in a SHIELD craft not an Avengers quinjet.) The others are stunned, and only Black Panther's agility and speed lets him get through to switch the system off. Thor has Loki confined in a secure room for his own good. (He can't go back to Asgard because he's been banished.)

T'Challa asks Mantis about her background. Her evasive answer is cut short by a sense that there is danger at the Rutland Halloween Parade. The Avengers fly there to be greeted by the regular host Tom Fagan who asks them to join the Parade. Wanda brusquely says she and Vision will go scout for the danger. Swordsman and Mantis don't like the limelight.

Tom hides his disappointment as only Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor agree to appear. But after the Parade he gets them alone and captures them with the magical Coats of Hercules. This isn't Tom Fagan but the Collector in disguise, on another mission to add Avengers to his collection. (See #28&52 for previous attempts.)

Meanwhile Wanda uses a hex to get rid of autograph hunters. Vision can't understand her attitude. She wants nothing to do with humans. Mantis and Swordsman leave them, and Swordsman reveals some insecurity about Mantis's love for him when she's surrounded by dashing heroes. But all this is interrupted when they come across the real Tom Fagan bound and gagged.

Collector is expecting the other 4 Avengers to turn up at Fagan's house for a party. But he gets the real Tom Fagan and loads of costumed revellers instead. Meanwhile the free Avengers rescue the captive ones.

Faced with all these foes Collector uses 2 magic stones to unleash a horde of vampire bats on Rutland. The stones can be used to banish the bats too, but Collector drops them down a narrow, twisty, booby-trapped shaft. He says he has another way to destroy the bats, but only if the Avengers let him go.

Mantis solves the dilemma by knocking him out and going down the shaft to retrieve the stones. Iron Man uses an ultra-sonic pulse to confuse the bats until Mantis returns with the stones and gets rid of them.

The grateful town agree to look after Loki.

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Bob Brown
Don Heck
Glynis Wein
John Romita (Cover Penciler)
Ron Wilson (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Art Simek.
Editor: Roy Thomas.


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