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Avengers #14: Review

Mar 1965
Larry Ivie, Don Heck

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Even Avengers Can Die!

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3 stars

Avengers #14 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Plot: Stan Lee. Other Writer: Larry Lieber. Layouts: Jack Kirby.

Avengers #14 Review by (February 11, 2012)
An Official Handbook has revealed that the Kallusians enemies are the Yirbek. They are both from the Andromeda Galaxy, where the Yirbek are part of the Skrull empire. Neither race has appeared again. Dr Svenson is also a one-off. At the end of the story Uatu the Watcher pops up to do a bit of watching. He is one of a race of observers of the universe who appeared in Fantastic Four #13,20,29 and recently ended a run of backup tales run Tales of Suspense (replaced by Captain America). He will continue to (sometimes do more than just) observe, next in Strange Tales #134, the last Human Torch & Thing story before SHIELD takes over.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #14 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander
The Avengers rush Wasp to the nearest hospital. Giant-Man won't allow anyone but him to carry her. When they arrive, they discover that the Wasp has a punctured left lung. Further inspection reveals more serious damage than originally thought. Both lungs will collapse within 48 hours. Her only chance is an emergency procedure by Dr. Svenson of Norway. In his mortal form of Dr. Blake, Thor is familiar with Svenson; he agrees to bring him to New York.

When Svenson arrives he proves to be an alien in disguise. His race kidnapped the real Svenson and has him prisoner on Earth. Before he can disclose any more, the alien suddenly dies. Using Thor's hammer, the Avengers picks up signs of alien life and head for the North Pole.

They find the alien's underground world and are subsequently captured. The leader identifies himself as Ogor of the planet Kallu. They have escaped from a centuries-long war in their galaxy to Earth only to discover that the atmosphere won't sustain them very long. A chance meeting with Svenson allowed him to advance his respiration research and allow the Kallusians to survive. The aliens refuse to give up Svenson.

Thor breaks free and threatens Ogor if they do not allow Svenson to accompany them. After a brief battle the real Svenson steps forward to demand a cease fire. After he explains that he has stayed on of his free will, they are warned of an invading enemy armada.

The aliens quickly agree to teleport the Avengers and Svenson back to New York and fight their battle in outer space, away from Earth. Svenson is returned to the hospital where he performs a successful operation and saves the Wasp's life.

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Don Heck
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