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Avengers #171: Review

May 1978
Jim Shooter, George Perez

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"...Where Angels Fear To Tread

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3 stars

Avengers #171 Review by (November 3, 2014)
Since their last encounter Henry Pym has given all the Avengers protection against his nemesis Ultron's encephalo-beam. So the robot has to resort to more conventional fighting. Me Marvel isn't protected so IM sends her to find the missing Scarlet Witch - but she runs into Sister Eucalypta 1st. Ultron trapped Wanda in a maze of mirrors and water because he knew she was the only 1 who could defeat him. Ultron's body will be still be lying around next issue. But in #201-202 we will learn that the villain planted a subconscious command in Iron Man's brain to rebuild him as Ultron-9. This is still part of the Korvac saga, but there's no mention of Michael/Korvac or the Guardians of the Galaxy. Just more Avengers vanishing - being taken to 'safety' by the Collector.

Beast and Ms Marvel don't get on after the usual superhero misunderstanding in Ms Marvel #16. Although Scarlet Witch was involved as well, and she's got over it. (More Avengers got dragged in for MM#18.) Carol Danvers was originally a Captain Marvel supporting character. But she got caught in radiation from a Kree device in CM#18, which eventually gave her Kree-like superpowers and her own series. Her powers include flight, strength and a 7th sense/precognition, all of which she uses here. Yellowjacket and Wasp arrive in a new Avengers flying craft. A sort of 4-seater teacup with a driver's seat attached to the front. Captain America is markedly supporting Iron Man after last issue.

This is George Perez' last time on interior pencils until #194, although he'll do lots of covers in between, including the next 3. Inker Pablo Marcos will miss next issue but then will continue until the end of the Korvac Saga. Meanwhile Jim Shooter takes over as editor from Archie Goodwin. He'll remain as writer/editor for next issue, but then will retreat to plotter only for the rest of the Saga. We see another sample of Beast's attractiveness to the ladies, which we have been seeing or hearing about nearly every issue since #164. We also get more of Wonder Man being afraid, but forcing himself to confront Ultron anyway. He's shown flying with jets attached to his belt for the 1st time with his new 'costume'. He used them with his previous outfit in #162.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #171 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The Avengers pursue the fleeing bride of Ultron though the streets of New York, exciting a lot of attention from the passing crowds. One of the witnesses is Carol Danvers, who changes into Ms. Marvel and joins the heroes on their mission. The metal bride meanwhile, has been picked up by an agent of Ultron, a nun named Sister Eucalypta and driven to a convent where she will meet her intended. The Avengers trace her to the convent and they are admitted by Sister Eucalypta. As they look around the building, they suddenly discover Ultron, who reveals his plans: his aborted scheme to drain Wasp’s life-force into his bride proved partially successful. Now that his bride, named Jocasta, is alive, Ultron will proceed with his plot to conquer the world. The heroes battle the rogue robot and Scarlet Witch must escape from a room of illusions while Ms. Marvel confronts the gun-wielding robot Sister Eucalypta. Ultron traps the Avengers in a force field while he goes to awaken his bride. When Jocasta is activated she tries to destroy her intended; she had absorbed Wasp’s morality with her life-force. An enraged Scarlet Witch arrives and casts a spell disrupting the evil robots circuits. His molecular rearranger malfunctions and Ultron’s power is sucked out of his armor. Thor sends it into space where it is consumed in a fireball, leaving the crumbling shell on the floor. The satisfied heroes look around and discover that both Jocasta and Captain America have suddenly vanished like the others.

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George Perez
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Phil Rachelson
George Perez (Cover Penciler)
Terry Austin (Cover Inker)


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