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Avengers #6: Review

Jul 1964
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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Masters of Evil!

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4 stars

Avengers #6 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First modern appearance of Baron Heinrich Zemo. First appearance of the Masters of Evil. Title published monthly as of this issue. We learn Cap’s shield opens up on a hinge.

Avengers #6 Review by (October 9, 2011)
This issue reveals that the man who caused Bucky's death is Baron Zemo. He appears simultaneously in Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos #8, set before he gets his hood stuck to his head by Cap in this issue's WWII flashback. A version of that incident is seen in Fantastic Four Annual #11, but that is considered to happen in an alternate timeline. Of course Zemo has cropped up in many other WWII stories since then. Cap will get revenge for Bucky's death in #15 when Zemo dies in an avalanche. Paste-Pot Pete is a foe of Human Torch from Strange Tales #104 and #110. He will soon take on the classier villain-name Trapster in FF#38. The Cap story in ToS#62 says that the magnetic devices Iron Man installs in Cap's shield this issue get taken out because they spoil its aerodynamic performance. However I think the whole idea that Cap's shield can be opened up is no longer considered true, since it's cast as a single block of vibranium/adamantium alloy. Avengers expect to capture Zemo at the end of this story. But next issue we will learn he escapes, and returns with a different set of allies, Enchantress and Executioner. But the name Masters of Evil won't be used again until Black Knight and Melter rejoin them for the original Avengers' big finale in #15-16. The name will survive Zemo's death there, and resurface as many different gatherings of Avengers foes. Radioactive Man won't return until the first such post-Zemo grouping in #54.

There is some confusion at the beginning of this story. The Avengers have responded to a call from the Teen Brigade at then end of last issue in the desert. Then we see Zemo learn of Captain America's return from suspended animation in #4, and his plan to form the Masters of Evil. But then the Teen Brigade alert Avengers when the Masters strike. The original Avengers Index resolved this by making Zemo's scene a flashback to before the main action of #5, and the Avengers have been recalled from the desert to tackle the Masters. Zemo's hired guns are all villains from recent issues of the Avengers' individual strips. Black Knight from Tales to Astonish #52. Melter from Tales of Suspense #47. The only one from before the Avengers' formation is Radioactive Man from Journey into Mystery #93. For all it was their only previous appearance, but Black Knight has since been given an intervening incident in Untold Tales of Spider-Man #13 which ends with Zemo recruiting him.


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Avengers #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
As the story opens Captain America is practicing with his improved shield after Iron Man has installed new magnetic transistors in it for greater control. After the practice, Cap reveals he is still mourning his lost partner, and he takes an oath of revenge against the villain who caused Bucky’s death. At that moment, the killer in question is in hiding in South America: fugitive Nazi scientist Baron Zemo flies into a rage when learns that Captain America is still alive, having vowed vengeance against Cap for the accident that splattered him with his own Adhesive X, permanently gluing his mask to his face. Zemo assembles a team of Avengers baddies to lure the heroes into a trap: the Black Knight, the Melter, and Radioactive Man—enemies of Giant-Man, Iron Man, and Thor respectively. The villains spread Adhesive X around the city causing havoc, and when the Avengers arrive, they find themselves hard-pressed against their foes. Cap and Giant-Man end up glued to the sidewalk and the team of heroes barely escapes, heading back to their HQ to find a solution for Adhesive X. They contact criminal glue expert Paste-Pot Pete, who offers his super-dissolver in exchange for clemency and the Avengers gain a weapon against their enemies.

Cap takes command, suggesting a new strategy for dealing with their foes—switching enemies in battle. When Zemo arrives, he plots a new assault on the city but Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade secretly substitute the super-dissolver for the Adhesive X in the villains’ spray tanks. Thus, when the Masters of Evil launch their second attack on the city, their spray releases the previously trapped citizens. The Avengers then arrive and Thor faces the Black Knight, Giant-Man tackles Radioactive Man and Iron Man tackles the Melter. Back at Zemo’s base, however, the Nazi criminal has captured and hypnotized Rick and the Teen Brigade, forcing them to serve him—until Captain America arrives to battle his long-time foe. Cap overpowers Zemo but is shot by Zemo’s pilot, the bullet grazing his skull. Giant-Man and Wasp appear to prevent the pilot taking another shot at Cap, the Teen Brigade is de-hypnotized by Iron Man, and the villains are captured. The only escapee is Zemo who has absconded with what he thought was the super-solvent, hoping to finally remove his mask. What he ended up with however, was a tank of tear gas, leading to a very bumpy landing.

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