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Avengers #27: Review

Apr 2000
Kurt Busiek, George Perez

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New Order

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4.5 stars

Avengers #27 Review by (April 7, 2020)
#25 was a Giant-Sized issue with an extra-long story. Now we get a 100 Page Monster (DC already had dibs on 100 Page Giant) with an ordinary-length new story plus 4 reprints (DC couldn't copyright the format). This was the 1st of 10 Monsters in various series (including 1 more Avengers) spread over slightly more than 2 years. And it's 1 of the semi-regular lineup change issues.
The reprints are:-
A previous lineup change in ##150-151, and #150 includes a reprint of most of the 1st lineup change in #16.
Kurt Busiek's 1st Avengers story, a backup story from Annual #19.
#101, a story adapted from a synopsis by Harlan Ellsion.

The cover is slightly misleading having Duane Freemen telling Captain America, Iron Man and Thor that 2 of them must leave the Avengers. Cap quit in #25 and Thor leaves of his mown accord this issue. It's more true to say that only 2 of the team *stay* - Iron Man and Scarlet Witch. But promoted reservists Goliath and Wasp have been in more than half of the issues in this series anyway, and Warbird is a returnee from earlier in the series. And She-Hulk was an Avenger in a lot of the original series. Only Triathlon is new to the team.

Triathlon was introduced alongside Silverclaw in #8-9. Unlike her he has appeared frequently in intervening issues because he is a member of the Triune Understanding, who débuted in #9. The Triunes are also secretly connected to villains Lord Templar (intro'd #13) and Pagan (from #14). And we know that Iron Man is right when he suspects them of orchestrating public distrust of the Avengers.

She-Hulk has been at a loose end comics-wise since the end of her latest regular gig as lawyer for Heroes For Hire, with a dozen scattered apps since then. She was last seen along with loads of others in Fantastic Four #27 preparing for Invisible Woman's marriage to 'Dr Doom', and before that in the annual superhero poker game in a backup story in Wolverine Annual 1999. Before that she had a more serious app as lawyer for her cousin the Hulk in his #11, winning him a pardon.

Non-acceptee Falcon cuurently makes regular apps in Captain America's series. He was helping Cap fight Hate-Monger in #25-27 between our #25 and this issue. He'll be back in CA#33-34 vs Protocide, and more issues beyond that until he finally *does* join an expanding Avengers team in our #57.

Firebird is a recurring supporting char in this series, last cameoing in #12. She'll take a more continuous role in that expanding team from #38.

Living Lightning is even more of as background char but was with Firebird and everyone else in #1-4. He too will return in #38 but take a larger role from #47.

Photon is only mentioned here but she figured prominently in #16-18. She'll be 1 of the main chars in the Avengers Infinity mini-series and then will segue back into our series from #35 via the Maximum Security mini-series.

Next for Ant-Man is FF#42-44 where Human Torch recruits him, She-Hulk and Namorita as a temporary replacement FF. After other adventures he too will join the Avengers army from #57

Captain Marvel returns to his own series and never revisits ours.

Silverclaw will be at the centre of the next 3 issues and then will become 1 of the full-time squad from #39.

Captain America will fight Nefaria in the Savage land in his #28-31, but then he'll pop back for a visit in our Annual 2000 for the return form Hell of Hellcat.

Firestar will pop in for a visit to her old team New Warriors in their #8. Then in Annual 2001 we'll learn that she and Justice are undercover in the Triune Understanding.

Wonder Man will have fun in the Avengers 2: WM & Beast mini-series. Then he'll be in Thunderbolts #42 which starts a crossover with the Avengers in our #32.

Thor really has quit but he can't stay away. After a visit to CA#34 he gets on with his own life as the Wrecking Crew try to regain their Asgardian powers in his #28-29. He will be part of Avengers Infinity in that mini-series. His involvement in Maximum Security will include our #35, but he won't rejoin until #38.

Before next issue the 7-person main team will appear in Warlock (1999) #8 (that's the X-Men's techno-organic Warlock).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #27 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Government liaison Duane Freeman has called a meeting in Avengers Mansion. All 6 regular Avengers are present, including ex-leader Captain America who resigned at the end of #25, plus regular hanger-on Wonder Man. Freeman wants to discuss their ongoing problem protesters (against mutant members or demanding representation of other minorities) and the press (especially after angry Thor smashed a TV camera, also in #25). Cap quit in favour of a leader who was better-suited to handling the media. Iron Man thinks Triune Understanding member Duane has missed out the fact that they suspect the Understanding to be behind both protesters and adverse media coverage.

But before they can actually discuss the problems Justice announces that he and Firestar are taking leave of absence for some time together, possibly leading up to a wedding. (So that's what they were talking about in #24, and trying to tell the others about in #25.) Deputy Leader Scarlet Witch (and ex-leader Steve Rogers) wish them well. Wanda Maximoff then tells them all that Wonder Man is also leaving to sort out his feelings over things he did in Los Angeles in his own series and West Coast Avengers. She adds that she herself will stay on as Deputy Leader, and she's asked founding members Giant-Man and Wasp to upgrade from reservists to full-time.

Duane is quite happy about all this. Firestar and Justice going will appease the anti-mutant lobby, but Scarlet Witch staying will keep the mutant minority happy too. Now they just have to add an African-American member. Iron Man leads the expression of disgust at both of his statements. The Avengers have had all sorts of members including mutant, black, Hispanic, gypsies and gods. But they don't choose their members to fill quotas, except when a previous liaison forced Falcon on them (which Sam Wilson didn't agree with either). Freeman suggests a compromise. They follow their usual practice of asking previous members to fill vacant spots, but this time *start* with Africa-American and Latino ones.

But it's time for another interruption as Edwin Jarvis tells them what happened last issue. A group of heroes with Avengers connections (Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Silverclaw and Warbird) apparently blew up the Triune's New York HQ. They claim to have fought Taskmaster and his gang, and reports say they were led by Cap. Duane contacts Washington and learns that Taskmaster impersonated Cap, and things can be sorted out. He invites Triune leader Jonathan Tremont to the Mansion to smooth things over. Iron Man thinks Tremont could have hired Taskmaster to set this up.

Meanwhile Freeman turns to the next order of business. He wants Thor to apologise for assaulting the press. The Thunder God refuses to bend the knee to those who disrespect him and the Avengers. He and Duane stare each other out. And the next thing we see is Thor storming out saying he's quit.

That leaves just Iron Man and Scarlet Witch on the team. But (miniature) Giant-Man and Wasp arrive in their tiny quinjet and expand to human-size. After hearing what's happened the duo still want to return to active duty. In fact Hank Pym has a new costume, reminiscent of the 1 Hawkeye wore as Goliath, and to suit that he's reverting *his* id to Goliath too.

Then the 4 chars from last issue turn up to apologise. Jarvis' ward the young Silverclaw is deeply sorry but Janet Van Dyne and Wanda assure Lupe they've all made mistakes. Ex-Ant-Man Henry Pym has words with the current Ant-Man in the background. And Warbird takes Iron Man aside for a private chat. The result is IM asking Freeman if Carol Danvers could rejoin. She has joined the AA to deal with her alcoholism (IM#25). And she has turned herself in (last issue) to accept punishment for accidentally bringing down a passenger plane (with no injuries) (IM#24). It turns out that Duane already knows that Avengers membership has been proposed for her as 'community service'. (But Tony Stark is worried how Carol will stand up to pressure, and suspicious that Triune member Duane is happy about it.)

Meanwhile Cap, Wasp and Witch have been contacting ex-members of colour. Falcon definitely *doesn't* want a repeat of being the token black. Living Lightning is deep in his college work. Firebird is heavily involved in church work. And Photon's mom begs them to leave Monica Rambeau helping her (ailing) dad with his charter boat. They already know (#23) that Black Panther echoes Falcon's sentiments. Rage is too young, War Machine has retired from the superhero biz (after losing 2 sets of armour in his own series and Tales Of The Marvel Universe 1-shot) and Mantis is in space somewhere. This exhausts their list of candidates.

Then Jonathan Tremont arrives with the Understanding's superhero Triathlon. Both sets of protesters welcome him, believing he'll force the Avengers to give in to both sides. But the cult leader claims as usual to be here to promote harmony. Some of the anti-mutant mob use the distraction to mask-up and climb over the wall into the mansion gardens with energy cannons supplied by the Tinkerer. However Triathlon follows to take them down. And the Avengers only turn up in time to congratulate him. And for Tremont to have a photo-op shaking hands with Cap.

Iron Man wonders how much of their new lineup has been orchestrated by the Triunes:- Carol with her drink problem, Hank Pym with his previous mental problems. As he sees Tremont shake Freeman's hand he waits for the other shoes to drop. Which he hears when Duane tells Triathlon to hang around.

Goliath, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Wasp have a heated discussion with their liaison in Jarvis' kitchen, with IM providing most of the heat. He refuses to accept Triathlon on the team because of the suspicions (since #15) that the Triunes are in league with villains Lord Templar and Pagan, and stirring up public sentiment against them. They can't have a Triune spy in their ranks. Of course Triune Duane can't believe any of this and challenges the Golden Avenger to provide proof, which he can't. He warns them that if they discriminate against Triathlon on racial or religious grounds then the Government will shut them down. Shellhead is forced to back down.

But then the object of the discussion enters the room and points out that no-one's asked *him* if he *wants* to join. He's long admired and respected the Avengers but now they're losing that respect. And he too doesn't want to be hired as a token. But he *will* join them in order to prove them wrong about the Triunes, and then rub IM's nose in it. He's accepted by an awkward silence.

Freeman says there's 1 more slot to fill (to make the traditional 7). Wanda claims Vision is still officially on the team, but Duane reminds her he left (#23) without saying he'd be back. Wasp pre-empts *this* argument by proposing to bring in an old Avenger temporarily. And she rings up She-Hulk who rushes over to take up her place. Before he goes Wonder Man tells his lover Wanda that he'll serve as a reserve Avenger when they need him.

Iron Man tells Witch that Cap suggested him as the new leader, but given his disagreement with Triathlon he figures it would be better if she stepped up from deputy. But Wanda doesn't think she's ready for that yet. However they *do* have a previous leader in their ranks - Wasp. Looking round for approval Jan accepts the job.

They go out to meet the press. But nobody is actually in the mood for celebrating this time (except for bubbly She-Hulk). And Duane Freeman hopes he's done the right thing.

But there's an epilogue to lead into the next story arc. Somewhere in South America Luis Ramirez sends a telegraph message. He hopes *she* will return to save their village as foretold. But on the way home he is attacked by spear-wielding men on giant hawks.

Story #2

Avengers Assemble!

Writer: Steve Englehart. Penciler: George Perez. Colorist: Irene Vartanoff.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

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Story #3

At Last: The Decision!

Writer: George Perez. Penciler: George Perez. Colorist: Don Warfield.

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Story #4

Five Dooms to Save Tomorrow!

Writer: Harlan Ellison. Penciler: Rich Buckler. Inker: Dan Adkins. Colorist: ?.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

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George Perez
Al Vey
Tom Smith
George Perez (Cover Penciler)
George Perez (Cover Inker)
Tom Smith (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Richard Starkings.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: Bob Harras.


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(Scott Lang)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel


(Sam Wilson)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Edwin Jarvis)
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)

(Jennifer Walters)


(Janet Van Dyne)

Plus: Duane Freeman, Firebird, Firestar (Angel Jones), Goliath (Hank Pym), Jonathan Tremont, Justice (Vance Astrovik), Living Lightning (Miguel Santos), Silverclaw (Maria de Guadalupe Santiago), Triathlon (Delroy Garrett Jr.), Warbird (Carol Danvers).

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