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Avengers #37: Review

Oct 2020
Jason Aaron, Javier Garron

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The age of Khonshu: conclusion - Phoenix: moonsong

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4 stars

Avengers #37 Review by (October 16, 2020)
Jean Grey has re-adopted the Marvel Girl moniker since dying (yet again) and being resurrected in House Of X.

The Summer House is a Krakoan habitat on the Moon. It gets its name from being the base for the Summers clan:- Cable, Cyclops, Havok, Marvel Girl, Prestige (Rachel Grey), Vulcan and for some reason Wolverine.

So the Age Of Khonshu is over but Mephisto is still a menace even though dead, and next issue starts the 'Enter The Phoenix' arc.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #37 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God, and his Fist Of Khonshu, Moon Knight, have stolen various superpowers to bring about the Age Of Khonshu where he rules the world. The object of the exercise was to defeat the plans of Mephisto and his multiversal counterparts. They killed this reality's Mephisto and many more who came 1 by 1 for revenge. But some of the powers necessary to complete the job are still elusive.

The complete set will match those of the 1 Million BC Avengers. They have Thor's hammer Mjolnir, which Odin wielded in those days. They have Dr Strange's Sorcerer Supreme power, handed down through the ages from Agamotto, the 1st SS. They have the powers of Ghost Rider and Iron Fist, inherited from their 1M BC counterparts. They captured Black Panther but failed to extract his ancestral power. The Avengers have been guarding the baby girl who is the current possessor of the Starbrand, but Khonshu has found her. And the other missing power was the Phoenix Force, which last issue Moon Knight got hold of.

Thor was buried within a pile of moons in nearby space, but he's beginning to break free. Iron Man is nearby fighting off Khonshu who has Mjolnir and the powers of DrS, GR and IF. Captain Marvel is trying to restrain the StarBaby, Brandy Selby, who wants to get into the fight. And blazing like the Sun Brandy weakens the Moon God. Then Moon Knight arrives as Phoenix ...

... and belts his God through the moons. He claims to now be on the Avengers' side but Starbrand doesn't seem to believe him. Neither does IM who goes all War Machine by extruding multiple big guns from his armour. He tells Marc Spector to divest himself of the Phoenix Force, but the Fist Of Phoenix blasts the trio away. And with Mjolnir by his side he faces the pile of moons.

Khonshu crashes to Earth in his pyramid in New Thebes City (New York). His Moon Priests tell him that other Avengers are attacking, and he sends them out with mummies and werewolves on defence. But the escaped Black Panther wades through some of them to fight the Moon God himself. Khonshu summons Ghost Rider's Hell Charger car and threatens to unleash the Spirit Of Vengeance on the Earth. But the car bites his hand. And the real current GR Robbie Reyes arrives from hospital, ploughing through mummies with a 'borrowed' ambulance. He links up with BP and summons the GR power back to him, as T'Challa calls on the Iron Fist and Sorcerer Supreme powers to come to their ancient ally. And the ankhs that currently hold the powers are torn away from Khonshu.

Outside Blade, Captain America and She-Hulk are battling through Khonshu's forces intent on rescuing captive BP. But when they get there they find he doesn't need rescuing. T'Challa gives the Iron Fist ankh to Jennifer Walters upgrading her to Iron Hulk, and Dr Strange's ankh to Blade temporarily making him Sorcerer Supreme. Robbie Reyes has his Ghost Rider back. Iron Man and Captain Marvel + StarBaby arrive and join in mopping up the mummies, etc.

Out in space Moon Knight considers unleashing the the Phoenix Force to cleanse the Earth of the parasitic humans who are ruining it. But he controls the urge of Phoenix-madness and seeks inside himself for Marc Spector's normal madness. Meanwhile Mjolnir has left him and excitedly circles the pile of moons like a puppy ... who leaps to the emerging hand of his master. And All-Father Thor attacks the Knight Of Moons.

The assembled Avengers on Earth face the beaten Khonshu who still maintains that they've destroyed their only hope against the multitude of Mephistos. Black Panther just puts him under arrest.

We've missed all the smiting in space and Moon Knight now lies broken in a crater on Earth. He still sees visions of Mephisto's future and decides maybe the Phoenix can stop it. But not him so he sets the firebird free.

In the Krakoan habitat called the Summer House in the Blue Area of the Moon Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) and Wolverine sense the Phoenix. Jean says it's not here for her this time and is looking for someone new. It's also not her place to stop it, but Logan says he'll give it a go.

Javier Garron
Javier Garron
Jason Keith
Matteo Scalera (Cover Penciler)
Matteo Scalera (Cover Inker)
Rachelle Rosenberg (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Black Panther
Black Panther


(Eric Brooks)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

(Carol Danvers)
Iron Man
Iron Man

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(Jennifer Walters)


(James Howlett)

Plus: Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Khonshu, Phoenix Force, Starbrand (Brandy Selby).

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