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Avengers World #21: Review

May 2015
Frank Barbiere, Marco Checchetto

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Before time runs out Part 5

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4 stars

Avengers World #21 Review by (June 2, 2015)
This is the last issue, at least until after Secret Wars. I rated this issue a bit higher than the last 1. It's still only filling in details of what we already know, but it at least shows us how Sub-Mariner changed allegiance from Cabal back to Illuminati. 1 strand of this issue leads into Avengers #36 where Thor, Hyperion, Nightmask, Starbrand, Abyss and the Ex Nihili enter the multiverse seeking Rabum Alal and the cause of the multiversal collapse. They will eventually be apparently killed by the Beyonders, but not before Thor gets his worthiness back. The Namor strand leads to the Illuminati bringing together all the Avengers groups in Av#39 and New Avengers #28, and then Sub-Mariner betraying the Cabal in Av#40.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers World #21 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Because this issue is filling in gaps between say Avengers #34 and #35 its previously page has sections for the future and the past, as previous issues had. In the future (Av#36) Sunspot checks that Thor knows that searching the multiverse for the Great Destroyer will be a suicide mission. In the past Sub-Mariner is unhappy with the bloodthirsty way his Cabal destroys the alternate Earths of the incursions (#18 of this series), and Monica Rappaccini and the AIM Scientist Supreme swear to take AIM back from Sunspot (#19).

On the latest incursion Earth Reed Richards and his family live on a farm where labour is eased by robotic machines of his design. (The 1 we see has a 4 logo and a 'face' like Herbie.) Namor arrives alone. Back in the Wakandan Necropolis Thanos discovers that Subbie has gone without them.

The Cabal follow Sub-Mariner to the new world. Namor tells them that this world has no superheroes for them to fight, so he's planted the bomb and they can leave. But Thanos and the others want blood, so Subbie challenges Thanos to a fight (I'm not going to dare give Thanos a pet name). Sub-Mariner doesn't hope to win against the Titan, but he considers the beating he gets as penance for what he has allowed the Cabal to do.

But even as Thanos wins, Namor is smiling. The Titan demands the detonator for the world-killing bomb. But Subbie says he gave it to Reed Richards after explaining the situation. The only way for Reed's family to avoid the savagery of the Cabal is for Reed to destroy his world cleanly. And he knows what choice Richards will make.

Even as he speaks the bomb detonates. But the Cabal (including Namor) teleport back to their own Earth in time. Thanos spares Sub-Mariner so that he can continue to suffer guilt as the Cabal devastate more worlds.

Meanwhile in the Savage Land Sunspot has dressed some of the Zebra Kids in expensive suits. AIM scientists are working hard on Roberto Da Costa's project. But Hyperion is worried about Thor who spends his time brooding alone on a hill (about his unworthiness to wield Mjolnir).

Roberto takes Thor a coffee, and while he's there Rappaccini and Forson happen to attack in robotic armour. Thor leaps into the fray, while Hyperion guards the Zebra Kids. The Odinson makes short work of the armoured foes.

Sunspot admits to Hyperion that the attack wasn't a coincidence. He let the ex-bosses of AIM know where they were in order to drag Thor out of his funk.

AIM announce that the dimensional portal that Thor and Hype (and others) are to go through is almost ready. Sunspot has confidence that this Earth will survive the multiversal collapse because it's an Avengers World (ta-daa!).

And Namor contacts Beast and Mr Fantastic of the Illuminati, offering to help destroy the Cabal.

Marco Checchetto
Marco Checchetto
Andres Mossa
Jeff Dekal (Cover Penciler)
Jeff Dekal (Cover Inker)
Jeff Dekal (Cover Colorist)


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Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic

(Reed Richards)


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