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Avengers and X-Men: Axis #9: Review

Dec 2014
Rick Remender, Jim Cheung

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Grinding Halt: New World Disorder, Chapter 3

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3 stars

Avengers and X-Men: Axis #9 Review by (January 18, 2015)
Comments: Wolverine, currently dead, and Odin, still alive, appear in flashbacks. The Thor/Loki episode is expanded upon in LOKI, AGENT OF AXIS #9. And there’s a cameo by Verity Willis. Full art credits: pencils: Jim Cheung, Terry Dodson, Leinil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert. Inks: Mark Morales, Dave Meikis, Guillermo Ortega, Mark Roslan, Rachel Dodson, Jim Cheung, Leinil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert. Color: Paul Mounts.

Review: Well, the concluding issue of this event is certainly aptly named: the story comes to a grinding halt and everything is back to normal as if nothing had happened because this was just a pause on the way to the next epic, SECRET WARS. Oh yeah, some characters still have their alignments wrong but it’s no one we care about. And crediting eight inkers is an admission something went wrong along the way. That said, there are two incidents that no one thought would ever happen in the long history of Marvel Comics and they both show up in this issue: Loki lifting Thor’s hammer and the Red Skull apologizing to Steve Rogers for all the trouble he’s caused. Trippy.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers and X-Men: Axis #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Prologue: Sabretooth recalls an incident when Wolverine tried to talk him into seeking help from Professor X; the villain denied that there was any good in him….

Now in Avengers Tower, the all-new Captain America has attacked the old Cap, Steve Rogers in an armored suit, trying to kill the reformed White Skull (formerly Red) to prevent the inversion from being reversed. New Cap then discovers that he has been fighting an illusion, the real Steve and the Skull are escaping through the sewers. Concerned for Steve’ well-being, White Skull apologizes for all the trouble he’s caused. And he says there is a way to reverse the inversion….

Back at the battle scene, new Cap reports to Iron Man who decides to take matters into his own hands…. Mystique and Sabretooth realize that they must sacrifice their new-found goodness to set the world right—but Rogue is planning to kill them—until Spider-Man webs her up. Havok tries to convince Wasp that he stopped the Gene Bomb to save her, but she deduces the truth and stings him. The severed head of Deadpool implores Apocalypse to seek the inner Evan and save the day….

Loki escapes to the moon with Thor in hot pursuit…his gamble pays off as the new improved Loki is able to lift Mjolnir to defeat Thor….

At Avengers Mansion, the White Skull encourages the tired Steve Rogers to stand up…and reveals that he can revert everyone with the help of Doctors Doom and Strange—then Kluh breaks in, followed by the Superior Iron Man who tries to kill the Skull while promising to exterminate the mutants in case Professor X can hear him…New Cap assaults old Steve, with Steve’s reminder of Sam’s father’s ideals he once fought for—then Kluh promnises to rip Ian in half….then Apocalypse suddenly enters and decks the evil Hulk. The huge mutant holds off all the evil good guys while Steve and Ian take the Skull to safety as Spidey and Sabretooth intercept the villainous Luke Cage. Iron Man catches up, planning to kill the Skull but the magic cavalry arrives in time: Doctor Doom, Scarlet Witch, Magneto (with Quicksilver), and Brother Voodoo. White Skull talks Magneto out of killing Tony Stark—then they all join forces to cast the spell that reverses the inversion….

On the moon Loki now drops Mjolnir and to his chagrin finds that Thor will not believe what says just happened….

Sabretooth finds himself still good—but Havok is still evil and he seizes Wasp, threatening to kill her if anyone follows….

Magneto points out that Stark, Doom, and the Red Skull are missing….

Later, the now-restored villains release a video claiming that the suddenly bad heroes were all under the spell of the Enchantress as part of their sinister scheme. They did this because otherwise no one would ever trust the Avengers again. Doom has the Red Skull prisoner and Sabretooth is meditating on the nature of heroism and his own changes.

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Jim Cheung
Mark Morales
Paul Mounts
Jim Cheung (Cover Penciler)
Jim Cheung (Cover Inker)
Justin Ponsor (Cover Colorist)


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