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Black Widow: The Things They Say Abou Her #1: Review

Sep 2005
Richard K. Morgan, Bill Sienkiewicz

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The Things They Say About Her Part 1

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3.5 stars

Black Widow: The Things They Say Abou Her #1 Review by (May 7, 2024)

Review: The high point of this new miniseries by the Altered Carbon guy and the dark and gritty Bill Sienkiewicz is that Black Widow is having to deal with the fallout from her violent actions in the prior series while everyone is after her hide. This first issue reminds us of why the bad guys (and the pseudo-good guys) are after her then sets up the rest of the series involving Sally Anne Carter. And a recurring motif in the series surfaces here: the lack of respect accorded to women, who must frequently find a way to help themselves—and each other. This becomes much clearer in issues #3-4. And what are the things they say about her? Well, it’s mostly the phrase “Russian whore.” Not to worry, when we get to the Spanish-speaking sections, that all changes. Then it becomes, “Russian puta.”

The low point is one of those covers designed to show off a woman’s breasts and derriere simultaneously via ridiculously “sexy” contortions. For the most part, the Sienkiewicz covers are an improvement over the first series, matching the dark tone of the story a bit better.

Comments: Direct sequel to BLACK WIDOW (2004 miniseries) by Richard K. Morgan and Bill Sienkiewicz. Not rated but should be PSR+ (Parental Supervision Recommended Plus). Martin Ferris was defeated by Black Widow in issue #3 of the previous miniseries; Kestrel’s partner Max Hunter was killed by Nat in issue #6.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Black Widow: The Things They Say Abou Her #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As Jason Williams stands by his father’s grave, his pal Mikey, now in a wheelchair, makes him promise to take revenge against the Black Widow….

At the White House, Nick Fury is being called on the carpet for the actions of a rogue Black Widow across the country. Fury explains that he has no control over Natasha Romanova and also expresses his contempt for the President whose love of pageantry on gets in the way of Fury’s doing his job….

Natasha is in Havana, trying to see Yelena Belova but she is cornered by a band of cops. As she has no ID or other papers, she attacks them but is rescued by Belova who takes her home. Belova, living in luxury and independence, offers Nat some pointers about manipulating men to do her bidding but Nat declines. Belova points out that she got what she wanted, can Nat say the same?

In New York, Daredevil meets with Nick Fury who tells him Natasha is on the Most Wanted list and Fury—and Matt—must go after her or be dismissed from their positions….

Martin Ferris, driven mad by Black Widow, is now seeing a therapist about his recurring anxiety attacks. Ferris resists taking the doctor’s advice, merely wanting stronger drugs, and he walks out. He is met by Kestrel of the North Institute who has a proposition….

Yelena Belova explains to Natasha how Cuba is fighting the AIDS epidemic by cracking down on sex tourism. Belova has been helping prostitutes by offering them modelling jobs and, for those who can’t leave the street, getting them medical help. But the mob selling her medical supplies is becoming harder to deal with so Belova would like Natasha to help get it unstuck….

On the Florida coast, Natasha and some of Belova’s thugs break into the mob compound where Nat takes the gangsters prisoner and forces them to hand over the drugs promised to Belova. Nat sees Medusagen in the warehouse and wants to know where it came from. One guy goes for a gun so Nat has to kill them all. She makes sure the henchmen get the supplies to Belova but has some other business to take care of…

…unaware that Kestrel and Ferris are on her trail….

Bill Sienkiewicz
Bill Sienkiewicz
Dan Brown
Bill Sienkiewicz (Cover Penciler)
Bill Sienkiewicz (Cover Inker)
Bill Sienkiewicz (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Sean Phillips. Letterer: Cory Petit.


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Black Widow
Black Widow

(Yelena Belova)

(Matt Murdock)

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