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Captain America: Steve Rogers #14: Review

Mar 2017
Nick Spencer, Jesus Saiz

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #14 Review by (March 25, 2017)
Comments: The Dr Faustus in the 1930s flashbacks is revealed to be the father of the current one. The new Kraken's identity is a mystery for now. According to the last page, Zemo's “Return of the Masters” continues in THUNDERBOLTS #10 and 11 and the current story expands in UNCANNY AVENGERS #22 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25.

Review: A new High Council of Hydra? Was there one before? I don't know but I really enjoyed the scenes of Madame H recruiting her new allies, each with a different psychological twist. As usual it's all still a preamble to the coming SECRET EMPIRE but more enjoyable than most.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #14 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

1944: Captain America returns to Brooklyn to confront Elisa Sinclair; she asks sweetly whether he has come to kill her....

In the present, Sinclair, now revealed as Madame Hydra, is out recruiting villains for her purposes. She finds Hive alive and well in Egypt and offers him Violence....

She finds Viper smuggling drugs in Madripoor and offers her Belonging....

To Dr Faustus, a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, she offers Influence....

To Gorgon in Japan, she offers Vengeance....

In Dimension Z, she offers Arnim Zola Discovery....

And in Scotland she gives the Kraken suit to a man to whom she offers Meaning....

These seven together are the new High Council of Hydra....

1944: Cap accuses Eliza Sinclair of being the one who betrayed the late Baron Zemo to the Allies, as told him by Helmut Zemo. Instead, she reveals herself as Madame Hydra, a tentacled creature which has existed for centuries, and assures him that if she meant them any harm, it would have happened differently....

Now Cap arrives in time for Captain Marvel's test of her new planetary defense shield. He tries once more to persuade her to drop the project but she is adamant that the world needs this device. Nukes are fired at the shield and it withstands their force. The second test involves Thor (Jane F.), Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Hyperion, and Star Brand unleashing their greatest powers upon the shield simultaneously—and it holds firm. Cap brings out his biggest gun: Avril Kincaid, the new Quasar. She bombards the shield with all the power her Quantum Bands can muster and she ends up fainting from the exertion, and the shield holds. Cap seeks out Rick Jones and asks him to find a way to hack into the shield as they have to make sure it never goes up....

1944: Having convinced Cap of her loyalty, Eliza Sinclair reveals the name of the true enemy of Hydra...the Red Skull....  

Jesus Saiz
Jesus Saiz
Rachelle Rosenberg
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Penciler)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Inker)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Colorist)

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