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Captain America: Steve Rogers #19: Review

Jul 2017
Nick Spencer, Javier Pina

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3.5 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #19 Review by (July 31, 2017)
Comments: Final issue of series. “Warning: Read this issue after SECRET EMPIRE #7.” SECRET EMPIRE tie-in: It relates what Cap did in the hours after Sharon Carter was imprisoned in SECRET EMPIRE #7. Donny Cates is credited as co-writer.

Review: Similar to this month's Sam Cap issue (#24), this one also shows us what is going through Steve Cap's mind leading to a decision at the end of the story. Nothing really “happens” other than adding a bit more depth to the character. And we learn a little more about Thor Odinson and what he's been doing during the Secret Empire event. Steve Rogers just keeps digging himself in deeper and now that we know Cap won't be coming back in the Marvel Legacy (at least not right away) we are wondering if Nick Spencer has dug Steve hole a little too deep. It's hard to see how things can ever be the same again.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #19 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As Steve Rogers takes off his Captain America outfit and dons his Hydra uniform, he muses on the events that have brought him there. He thought he had counted the costs but he misses Elisa Sinclair [apparently killed at the end of SECRET EMPIRE #6] and without her he feels lost. He recalls a confrontation with Thor Odinson when he refused to drink with his old Avengers buddy and Thor got angry. Rogers reminds Thor that his hammer still lies where it had fallen and he hasn't tried to lift it, telling him the next time he confronts Rogers, he'd better have the hammer. Rogers then recalls a visit to the imprisoned Sharon Carter, who irritated him by pointing out how similar he is to the Red Skull. The angry Rogers stormed out. Looking back on all this he stands at the dais to announce to the nation the war he is starting....

Javier Pina
Andres Guinaldo Isabel
Rachelle Rosenberg
Jesus Saiz (Cover Penciler)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Inker)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Colorist)


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