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Captain America: Steve Rogers #5: Review

Sep 2016
Nick Spencer, Javier Pina

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #5 Review by (October 2, 2016)
Comments: A CIVIL WAR II tie-in. Daniel Whitehall would become the Hydra agent Kraken, operating after WW2 as seen in SECRET WARRIORS #11-16; a similar character with the same name is a villain on the AGENTS OF SHIELD TV series. Dr Sebastian Fenhoff is the familiar Cap foe Dr Faustus. Steve Cap and Iron Man are shown fighting Hydra on the cover; though Tony Stark/Iron Man appears in the flashbacks, no such scenario takes place inside the comic.

Review: As with last issue, technically the entire story has Steve and Eric Solveig talking over plans. This allows the writer to use flashbacks to fill us in on what's happening in the bigger MU sort of like hypertexting. It pulls everything together as we see what Cap has been doing to affect the Civil War II—with a couple of surprises. I'm still not thrilled with the art but I can get used to it. And now I'd like to learn more about Eliza Sinclair, revealed to be not just a bossy Hydra recruiter but a serious power in her own right.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Prologue: 1926: Hydra Agent Elisa Sinclair takes the young Steven Rogers to a remote house where she tells him of his destiny (while lying about the fate of his mother) and encouraging him to stay strong through the coming ordeal. Steven is then introduced to his overseers, Daniel Whitehall and Dr Sebastian Fenhoff....

The discovery of Ulysses, an Inhuman who can see the future, has torn a rift in the superhero community [the basis of CIVIL WAR II]. Captain America (a villainous Steve Rogers) and Dr. Erik Solveig discuss the implications. Cap has ordered a halt to all Hydra operations lest Ulysses foresee them and give warning. Solveig suggests that it is only a matter of time before the boy discovers Cap's loyalty to Hydra, therefore, Cap must eliminate him. Cap heads over to New Attilan to kill Ulysses but while he is there, Iron Man arrives on the same mission and is caught by the Inhumans [as shown in CWII #2]. Cap manages to leave unseen....

Cap suggests to Selveig that a bigger event may distract Ulysses from what they are doing. They send a thumb drive with gamma research anonymously to Bruce Banner [which leads to his death (in CWII #3) and the trial of Hawkeye. This causes the break between Iron Man and Captain Marvel (CWII #4) followed by the arrest of a woman named Alison Green, accused by Ulysses of being a Hydra agent bent on economic terrorism (also #4).] Cap learns from the Red Skull that Ms. Green is not a secret Hydra agent, meaning Ulysses can be wrong, and the villain advises Cap to join with whichever faction seems strongest so that he can snatch the boy for the Red Skull and his sinister schemes....

1926: Dr Fenhoff considers young Steve to be a poor prospect for their plans and scoffs at Elisa Sinclair's talk about his “aura.” She responds by causing blood to spurt from Fenhoff's mouth revealing psychic powers not before hinted at. Whitehall agrees to keep Steven in the program....

Cap dreams of Ulysses as the means to bring peace to the world on behalf of Hydra—except that Ulysses' latest vision shows Steve being brutally killed by the young Spider-Man Miles Morales [as seen in CWII #5]....

Javier Pina
Javier Pina
Rachelle Rosenberg
Paul Renaud (Cover Penciler)
Paul Renaud (Cover Inker)
Paul Renaud (Cover Colorist)


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