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Captain America: Steve Rogers #9: Review

Jan 2017
Nick Spencer, Javier Pina

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #9 Review by (January 15, 2017)
Comments: The woman whose child died in the Stamford Incident is not identified as Miriam Sharpe and is likely one of the many others in that situation. According to the last page, the story expands in THUNDERBOLTS #8 and UNCANNY AVENGERS #18, T-BOLTS is found elsewhere on this site, courtesy of Rob Johnson. And the solicit seems to be describing the previous issue.

Review: Another cool, if overly stuffed with Maria Hill talking, issue centers on her trial for malfeasance as Director of SHIELD and she really goes all-out bribing the tribunal's politicos with a massive (and questionable) plan for world domination. The character doesn't quite ring true—this Maria Hill says things like “anyhoo” and quotes FAMILY GUY, which I could never picture the CIVIL WAR Hill saying. But the story is fairly solid, including setting up more stuff in 1940, but I think it's about time Nick Spencer started resolving a few things.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

1940: at the Keep, the secret Hydra school, Steve Rogers falls behind every other student in the physical areas of the training but he never gives up. This leads the Kraken and Dr Fenhoff (Faustus) to choose him for a particularly difficult assignment....

The trial of Maria Hill before the World Security Council to determine whether she should remain Director of SHIELD. The case for prosecution is presented by Everett K. Ross while Hill defends herself....

In the Scottish Highlands, Captain America (Steve) has been called by Minister Dalton to join Union Jack in doing battle with the Cult of the Darkhold. While Union Jack holds off the cultists, Cap makes it to their cavern stronghold where he faces a huge demonic creature....

1940: Steve confides in his pal Helmut Zemo that he thinks he is failing. Helmut reminds him of the prophecy that he will lead them all....

At Maria Hill's trial, the prosecution brings a series of expert witnesses, each testifying to Hill's poor judgment in the military, during the Registration Act controversy, and at Pleasant Hill; the witnesses for the defense are all real people, those whose lives she saved, a mother who lost a child in the Stamford Incident, culminating in Slyde, a villain who changed his ways because of his experiences at Pleasant Hill. But Everett points out that they had the best witness of all: Captain America, who states that the Pleasant Hill scheme proves she does not have the judgment to lead SHIELD.....

In Scotland, Cap battled the monster to the death and recovered the arcane Book of Sins. Returning to Minister Dalton, telling him that he (Cap) knows what was really going on: that a government fracking project released the monster and Cap and Union Jack were tricked into fighting the cultists so that the monster's existence could be blamed on them. Now Cap walks out, leaving Dalton to the mercy of the cultists....

In her closing statement, Maria Hill takes on a disarmingly candid attitude and pulls out her big gun: a planetary defense shield guaranteed to prevent invasions from space and even shut down teleporters. She pitches this as their opportunity to render the world safe and the only price is her acquittal; Everett K. Ross rightly sees this as a bribe. When the tribunal reconvenes, the council is about to announce their decision....

1940: Dr Fenhoff and Kraken tell Steve he has been chosen for a secret mission in America: his target? Dr. Abraham Erskine....  

Javier Pina
Andres Guinaldo Isabel
Rachelle Rosenberg
Jesus Saiz (Cover Penciler)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Inker)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Colorist)


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