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Captain America #367: Review

Feb 1990
Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer

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Magnetic Repulsion

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4 stars

Captain America #367 Review by (November 30, 2010)
Comments: Crossover with ACTS OF VENGEANCE storyline in which several supervillains team up to destroy their hated enemies by setting them against unfamiliar foes. The Captain America story is complete in issues #365-367 (as is the Cobra back-up tale). Red Skull escapes from the escape-proof cell in issue #370 (that wasn’t long). Cobra becomes King Cobra as of this issue. The Serpent Society: Anaconda, Asp, Black Mamba, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Death Adder, Rattler, Rock Python, Fer-De-Lance, Death Adder, Coachwhip. Future comics writer and manager of the Comics 101 website Scott Tipton has a letter on the letters page.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #367 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Story arc continued from AVENGERS #313

Removing the Controller’s disc from Namor’s neck sends the Atlantean warrior into a violent rage from which only Captain America can calm him. Cap explains the situation and Namor responds with details of the Mystery Man’s approach to him with the offer of membership in a team of supervillains. Namor proposes pretending to join them but is later unable to locate the mystic portal….

In Washington, the Red Skull is musing on his disappointment with the consortium of masterminds when the transdimensional doorway explodes to reveal…Magneto. The mutant leader announces he has come to seek vengeance on those who persecuted his family during the Holocaust, meanwhile casually sweeping away the Skull’s guards and metal traps. The smooth-tongued Nazi villain reasonably points out that Magneto is no different from Hitler in his dreams of a "master race" controlling the Earth…but Magneto will have none of it. The Red Skull sprays his Dust of Death in his opponent’s face but it is deflected by a magnetic force field. The Skull then traps his enemy in a plastic bubble and flees. Magneto bursts the bubble and pursues, easily tossing the Controller out of the way. The Master of Magnetism descends into the building’s basement, dispatching a huge robot and several mechanical doubles of the Skull on the way. As the Skull attempts to flee in a private subway train, Magneto rips up the tracks with a wave of his hand….

Upstairs, Captain America, having traced the Red Skull to Washington, arrives at the damaged office building to be greeted by the enraged Controller. They battle violently for some time, while Crossbones casually looks in and, recalling the last time his boss chewed him out for fighting Cap without orders, leaves. The Controller, with his superhuman strength, hurls wreckage at Cap, who manages to press one of the bad guy’s own control discs onto his forehead, creating a feedback loop that renders him unconscious. Cap follows the trail of shattered and twisted metal down to the tracks in the basement but there is no sign of the Red Skull or his mysterious adversary….

The Red Skull awakens to find that Magneto has locked him in a lightless underground cell, with no means of escape and a limited amount of water. His objective: the make the Skull suffer as he made others suffer….

Story arc continues in AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #29.

Story #2

The Way of the Snake

Writer: Mark Gruenwald. Penciler: Mark Bagley. Inker: Don Hudson. Colorist: Nel Yomtov.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Holding Cobra by the neck, Mr. Hyde has just been informed by his serpentine foe that he has been poisoned. Hyde falls to his knees and begs Cobra for the antidote, promising to never threaten him again. A smiling Cobra slaps him across the face—and tosses him a small vial. Hyde hastily gulps it down—and passes out. Cobra reveals to his unconscious foe that the "antidote" is merely a sedative, but then, he was never really poisoned. As he flies back to Serpent Society headquarters, Cobra phones an anonymous tip to the police where Hyde can be found. The next day, at a meeting of the assembled Society, the newly confident leader announces a more aggressive policy for the team, and unveils his new costume as King Cobra!

Kieron Dwyer
Danny Bulanadi
Steve Buccelatto
Kieron Dwyer (Cover Penciler)
Kieron Dwyer (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Red Skull
Red Skull

(Johann Shmidt)

Plus: Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Controller (Basil Sandhurst), Fabian Stankowicz, Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo), Serpent Society.

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