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Captain America #423: Review

Jan 1994
Roy Thomas, M. C. Wyman

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War Zones

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3.5 stars

Captain America #423 Review by (March 5, 2017)
Comments: Story features the first meeting of Cap and Namor, and is set one year before the Invaders were formed.

Review: Okay fill-in issue is amusing enough but it leans toward the bulked-up and brightly-colored art that would be the hallmark of the 90s comics scene. For the record, the inside art isn't as grotesque as the cover.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #423 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Early 1941, before America has entered World War 2, Captain America and Bucky are doing battle with a band of Nazi saboteurs. The two heroes defeat the baddies and save a railroad bridge (and train) from destruction, then they hustle off to a meeting with the President....

That same day in Manhattan, the Sub-Mariner, intent on punishing America for their destruction of Namor's undersea city, once again faces the Human Torch. After some scrapping, Namor begins to lose his strength so he quickly dives into the East River and away. The Torch leaves and Namor resurfaces, listening to the conversation of a tugboat crew on the merits of President Roosevelt. He decides that capturing the President to exact a promise that US ships would not sail the Polar Seas would be a good plan. Namor flies his flagship to Washington and crashes into the White House as Captain America and Bucky are at a press event with the President. Namor clobbers guards and Cap, snatches up FDR and, shouting his demands, takes off in his ship. Cap pursues and catches a hold of Namor's ship but the Atlantean spies him and turns in the air, shaking Cap off and into the Potomac. Emerging from the river, heads to the nearest military base and commandeers a plane, taking off in pursuit....

Landing on a remote island, Namor awaits America's response. FDR tries to defend America—the bombs that ruined Atlantis were to free an exploration vessel, and no one knew there was a land beneath—and reveals that Namor's father, Leonard MacKenzie is still alive. The President taunts Namor for holding a cripple (his word) hostage, and tries to persuade him to fight the Nazis as the greater threat. Subby broadcasts his ultimatum to the world, which attracts the attention of a nearby German U-boat....

Cap ditches his commandeered plane nearby then challenges the Sub-Mariner to combat. Namor and Cap fight furiously with cap coming off much the worse against his super-strong foe. While they are distracted, German divers snatch Roosevelt away. When Namor sees his hostage is gone, he sets out in pursuit of the U-boat with Cap close behind. Namor rips open the sub and he and Cap clobber the entire crew—except for the last one, whom FDR punches out personally. The rest of the US rescue mission arrives and Namor decides there must be an easier way to protect his homeland and he takes off in his flagship, saluting his two foes as he goes by. Cap and FDR hope that someday Namor will join them against the Nazi menace....

M. C. Wyman
Charles Barnett III
Ovi Hondru
M. C. Wyman (Cover Penciler)
Danny Bulanadi (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)

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