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Captain America #447: Review

Jan 1996
Mark Waid, Ron Garney

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Operation: Rebirth Pt. 3/4: Triumph of Will

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5 stars

Captain America #447 Review by (August 15, 2017)
Comments: Part three of four parts. The title “Triumph of the Will” comes from the famous pro-Nazi documentary by Leni Riefenstahl.

Review: Cap now has to work as a close-knit team with the Red Skull to keep them both alive; a hero and villain having to team up is a familiar trope but it's an audacious concept for a Captain America comic due to the dueling ideologies, Democracy versus Fascism. Plus there's the revelation that both men must betray what appears to be their national duty. The scenario is well played out by Mark Waid and Ron Garney's spectacular art just gets better. And that shocking reveal...Cap uses the Cube to bring Bucky back...or does he? Trenchant look at what Cap would do with the Cube...and the rug is pulled out from under us. Yikes.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #447 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain America and the Red Skull defend themselves against the soldiers transformed by the Cosmic Cube.  As they retreat, the Skull reminds Cap that the world is reshaping due to Hitler's consciousness which is imprisoned inside the cube (detailed last issue).  Cap informs his arch enemy that he is well aware of what is happening.  The Skull taunts him by stating that despite all his victories during World War II, he failed at his primary objective - capture Adolf Hitler – had he done so they wouldn't be here now.  Cap tells the Skull to shut up and work with him otherwise they won't escape.

They are then attacked by soldiers in modified Mandroid armor.  As Cap takes point in their counter-attack, the Skull takes off to find the Cube leaving Cap to fend for himself.  The Skull makes his way through the compound and is quickly found by a small squad of Kubekult soldiers.  They give him a taste of his treatment of Cap by reminding him of his failures while mercilessly beating him. 

They throw him against the wall and prepare to execute him as he has proven worthless to their cause.  As they open fire, Cap dives in and deflects the ammo with his shield.  He makes short work of the soldiers and informs the Skull that he's repaid his debt to him.
An explosion once again separates the unlikely pair, forcing them to continue through the compound separately.  Skull has a small head start but Cap knows all the shortcuts.  This proves to be the edge he needs as he finds Sharon Carter first.  She is standing on a catwalk with the Cube in her hand.
Before he can say a word, Sharon tells him to stay back.  Being in direct contact with the Cube, she knows that within minutes all of reality will be rewritten to fit Hitler's vision.  The only way to stop this is to override it with her will.  Cap begs her not to do it; rewriting reality to suit her needs is not going to help.  After a moment's consideration she agrees and states that this is for Captain America to decide. 
Although he's not comfortable with this responsibility, he quickly agrees it has to be done now.  He takes the Cube from Sharon.  Cap then focuses on reversing Hitler's changes.  In that split second, the Skull appears and tries to wrestle the Cube from him, but Cap bats him aside.  The Kubekult soldiers appear and separate Cap from the Cube, which falls into the Skull's waiting hand.
Cap dives at the Skull and knocks him out.  With the Skull unconscious, he shatters the Cube to the cheers of Bucky Barnes.  Without missing a beat, he shares the credit with his sidekick.  As Cap shakes hands with his mysteriously resurrected partner, he is completely unaware of the reality of the situation: the Skull has trapped him inside the Cosmic Cube.

Ron Garney
Mike Manley
John Kalisz
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)

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