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Captain America #28: Review

Aug 2004
Robert Morales, Eddie Campbell

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3 stars

Captain America #28 Review by (September 28, 2010)
Review: A nice little tale with a happy ending for the volume (not counting the four-part “Captain America Disassembled” which will actually close out Vol. 4). The alternate reality plot was handled lightly and without causing as many headaches as the sometimes tortuous offerings of the Avengers, notable AVENGERS FOREVER and THE CROSSING. This was much better than I had hoped and the return of Isaiah Bradley—with a happy ending too—from TRUTH: RED WHITE & BLACK was nice. The events of September 11, which frame the volume and (aside from ICE and CAP LIVES) dominate the stories, are undone in the end, not to trivialize the tragedy but to express the deepest wish of those who lived through those traumatic events.

Comments: Conclusion of a two-part story. Cover is a copy/tribute to CAPTAIN AMERICA Vol. 1 #199. Last issue published under Marvel Knights imprint. Isaiah Bradley’s universe is designated Earth-40727. Though Isaiah Bradly appears on the cover in his Captain America costume he wears only civilian clothes on the inside. Comics are the dominant cultural form in this future and conventions attract visitors from other dimensions. Wow. The Just Add Villains include Galactus, the Krimson Klansman (invented for this issue), Doctor Doom, Dormammu, a Sentinel, Doctor Octopus, the Mole Man, Loki, Viper, and AIM minions. Final appearance to date (2010) of Rebecca Quan.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #28 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

San Diego, California, July 4, 2026: Becky Barnes flies a to comic book convention where the guest of honor is President Isaiah Bradley, her father. She heads to the Huckster Room where she purchases an Infinihedron, a toy that she is able to reconfigure into actually changing reality. Barnes also picks up a load of Scarebs (the mechanical insects from last issue) and a set of Just Add Villains….

In 2004, Steve Rogers questions Rebecca Quan about the violent visitor Becky Barnes; Rebecca tells Steve she has to break up with him as she can’t continue in a relationship with a man whose life is always in danger. Suddenly, a green glow appears and Isaiah Bradley, looking much younger than his Earth-616 counterpart, appears, looking for his daughter…. Bradley explains he is from an alternate future where he was elected President. He never had time for his daughter who was raised by his wartime partner Bucky Barnes. When Bucky died heroically in combat against the Krimson Klansman (preventing the hijacking of the sky-destroyer Steranko), Becky blamed Bradley and turned against him. Now Isaiah must track down his wayward daughter, whose death, like the assassination of Lester Paley, has been undone in this timeline and he needs the help of both Captain America and Rebecca. Rebecca is the only one who can identify Becky, who has a penchant for changing her appearance. They use the Infinihedron to travel to the 2026 ComiCon arriving a few minutes before the madwoman. When she arrives, Rebecca IDs her and Steve shoots down her helicopter with his thrown shield. She heads toward the Huckster Room, grabs the Infinihedron and unleashes the Just Add Villains on the heroes. While Cap fights the creepy little homunculi, Isaiah is able to snatch the reality-altering device out of her hands. Though Becky has escaped, they have prevented her from obtaining an Infinihedron; Isaiah gives it to Cap and Rebecca to return to their own reality. In response to Cap’s unspoken question, Isaiah explains that no, it can’t undo Pearl Harbor. Isaiah then commandeers a helicopter to pursue Becky to the Steranko where she attempts to jump off. Isaiah catches her in the nick of time and takes her into custody.

Back in 2004, Steve and Rebecca meet at the post office: she is moving back to Seattle to take part in a cancer walk. When offered the choice of stamps with Marvel heroes or frogs on them, she takes the frogs. Even though she can’t bear to think of superheroes she and Steve go for a walk on this peaceful morning. At the promenade they look across the river to Manhattan where the World Trade Center stands intact—though dirigibles have replaced airplanes in this new altered reality….

Eddie Campbell
Stewart McKenny
Brian Reber
Dave Johnson (Cover Penciler)
Dave Johnson (Cover Inker)
Dave Johnson (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Becky Barnes, Captain America (Isaiah Bradley), Rebecca Quan.

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