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Captain America #21: Review

Feb 2004
Robert Morales, Chris Bachalo

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Homeland, Part One

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3 stars

Captain America #21 Review by (September 20, 2010)
Review: A new creative team makes a return to the original purpose of the volume: having Captain America relate to the real world War on Terror. Here we have him about to become involved in Guantanamo Bay and military tribunals. A well-written issue that tries to emulate the original storyline by John Ney Rieber and mainly succeeds. The biggest debit is Bachalo’s art which gives Cap/Steve an undersized head with a big nose atop a freakishly large torso. Would that the art was as realistic as the writing.

Comments: Part one of a five-part story. First appearance of Rebecca Quan.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #21 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In the Florida Everglades, Captain America confronts a gang of local men who are holding several illegal immigrant women in sexual slavery. Announcing that they are surrounded by federal and county lawmen, Cap orders them to surrender their weapons. They open fire instead; like a whirlwind, Cap takes out all of the criminals. Afterwards, Cap asks an official what will happen to the women and is told they will be shipped back to their home countries. One of the women approaches Cap and asks "We go to America now?"

In a Brooklyn diner, Steve Rogers and the manager Phil hear on the radio that Iranian historian Fernand Hedayat has had his American citizenship revoked and been transported to Guantanamo Bay to be tried for treason by a military tribunal. The arrival of a young woman interrupts the conversation and Steve offers her a place at his table. She introduces herself as Rebecca Quan and recognizes Steve from the news. They chat about her job as a logo designer and afterward go for a walk along the rocky shore where she explains how Cap’s shield is the perfect example of iconography. Near Steve’s loft, they are met by two agents, Bender and Helper from Homeland Security, who invite Cap to a meeting at the request of the Regional Director and General Barron. Steve excuses himself from Rebecca and leaves with them. As their car crosses the Brooklyn Bridge, a masked figure in a van opens fire on them with an automatic weapon. Steve seizes one of the agent’s firearms and shoots back, causing the assailant to drop his weapon in the street.

In the office of Regional Director Tolliver of the Department of Homeland Security, Steve meets with Tolliver and General Barron. They receive word that Agent Helper is dead, Bender permanently disabled. A threat against the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel ensured that Steve would be brought over the bridge where the trap was waiting for him. They then get to the purpose of the meeting: Fernand Hedayat has been transported to Guantanamo Bay for trial. They want Captain America to serve on the tribunal to restore the public’s trust in the proceedings….

Chris Bachalo
Tim Townsend
Chris Bachalo
Dave Johnson (Cover Penciler)
Dave Johnson (Cover Inker)
Dave Johnson (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Rebecca Quan.

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