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Captain America #16: Review

Oct 2003
Chuck Austen, Jae Lee

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3 stars

Captain America #16 Review by (July 6, 2010)
Review: Ah, the puerile debate over moral relativism turns out to have a point: trying to brainwash Cap into killing. An imaginative issue downplays the “America’s leaders are all evil” rant of previous issues but only by giving it a face in focusing on one malefactor. The story almost makes me want to know what happens next. But with the change of creative team we may never find out.

Comments: “Ice, Part 5 of 5.”


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Captain America #16 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Captain America kneels over the body of the murdered Hana as the Interrogator questions him about his feelings. Cap responds by punching out the villain and leaving with Hana’s body. He is picked up by Nick Fury and Sharon Carter, who asks Steve about his feelings for the Atlantean woman//over dinner he reassures her that she is the only woman he loves and they make love in her office on the plane, where she wonders why Steve didn’t kill the Interrogator. Steve finds this odd//in battle with Baron Blood he is unable to kill the vampire menace to prevent more innocent lives from being lost//back with Sharon Cap wonders why his belief in not killing seems to be constantly tested lately//later after asking why he didn’t kill the vampire, she informs him that she is pregnant//at a restaurant, they discuss plans to retire to a rural area…when Sharon is shot down, falling to her death from a window. The Interrogator appears and reminds Steve that had Cap killed him the first time, this would not have happened. Steve seizes his foe by the throat then realizes what has been wrong…he never left the Interrogator’s room in the undersea grotto. He fights off the hypnotic effect to find Hana, alive and well, with Namor, who explains that, having heard that the Interrogator had been hired to capture Cap, he assigned Hana to protect him. An enraged Cap rips off the Interrogator’s cyborg hand and demands to know his employer’s name. The villain responds that it was Dell Rusk, Secretary of Defense, who wanted Cap brainwashed into killing again….and in a way, he succeeded: without his cyborg hand, the Interrogator himself is now dying….and Cap killed him.

Jae Lee
Jae Lee
Jose Villarrubia
Jae Lee (Cover Penciler)
Jae Lee (Cover Inker)
Jae Lee (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Hana of Atlantis, Interrogator, Lemurians.

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