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Captain America Annual #4: Review

Jan 1977
Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby

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The Great Mutant Massacre!

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3 stars

Captain America Annual #4 Review by (March 19, 2010)
Cap is involved with mutants because the X-Men are unavailable. The new Brotherhood survived and returns, as Mutant Force, in DEFENDERS #78.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America Annual #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Captain America, answering a classified ad seeking care for a mutant, arrives at the address and finds Magneto, there for the same purpose, and the two battle. They are interrupted by Joe Keegan, who placed that ad; he found the mutant and his friend while driving his truck and now would like to find a good home for the mutant. Joe opens his watch and shows them the mutant: a man mere centimeters tall with great mental powers, whom Joe has dubbed "Mister One." Magneto uses his power to jerk the watch and its occupant from Joe’s writs—but he is clobbered by the mutant’s friend and protector, a huge hulking character called Mister Two. After Mister One is safely recovered, Mister Two tosses Magneto out though the wall. The villain takes off, shouting threats and Cap turns Mister One and Mister Two over to SHIELD. They theorize that One is the brain and Two is the muscle, in a symbiotic relationship. The mutants become restless and want out; Two breaks out of his enclosure but is subdued by an electric shock. Meanwhile, Magneto assembles his new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Peeper (clairvoyant), Lifter (a strong guy), Burner (shoots fire), Slither (a snake-man), and Shocker (electric); their objective: capture Mister One. While Cap is out exercising with Mister Two, they are attacked by the Brotherhood. While Cap is trapped in Slither’s coils, Mister Two is overpowered but the sudden intervention of SHIELD agents drives the baddies off. Mister Two appears to be dead, except he isn’t—and when they return to the lab Cap discovers that Magneto took advantage of his men’s distraction to carry off Mister One. Cap then offers his theory that Mister One and Mister Two are the same person—a single consciousness able to switch between two bodies. Back at his hideout, Magneto reveals why Mister One was so important to his plans: he needed the tiny mutant to unlock the secrets of a miniature spacecraft he had found. One’s mind switches to Two, who, with the aid of Captain America, sets out to rescue his other half. The mutant and his heroic ally battle their way into Magneto’s lair against the Brotherhood, and Mister Two, enveloped in flames by Burner, shuts his body down and suffocates internally. A vengeful Cap confronts Magneto in his inner sanctum and the two duel. Mister One, without long to live after the death of Mister Two, throws the self-destruct switch in the alien craft. The resulting explosion levels the building with (apparently) only Cap and Magneto surviving.

Jack Kirby
John Verpoorten
George Roussos
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

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